Edward Grubb & Mary Ann Hess; Civil War, Private

(Settlers and Migrants, Grubb  branch)

Edward GRUBB was born on 17 Jan 1830 in Virginia; died on 8 Feb 1920 in Klee, Belmont, OH; buried on 12 Feb 1920 in Key Cemetery, Key, Belmont, OH.

Edward Grubb married Mary Ann HESS on 6 Mar 1856 in Belmont, OH. They had the following children: Alma B. GRUBB (b. ABT 1857), Emma J. GRUBB (b. ABT 1859),
♥ George Everette GRUBB (b. 23 Sep 1860), Edward F. GRUBB, Clara GRUBB.

1.  On June 1860, Edward’s household was located in Pultney Township, Belmont County and consisted of himself age 29; Mary Ann, 23; Alma B., 3; Emma J., 1 year old. The families personal property is valued at $100., they were not shown owning real-estate at this time. {D1}
2.. By 6 June 1870, the household had moved and was located in Richland Township, Belmont County and consisted of Edward, age 38; Mary, 36; Annabell, 13; Emma J., 11; George, 8; Clara E.,1; also Jos (Joseph) Brimgardner, age 17, a white male “blacksmith apprentice”. The family estimated their real-estate as having a value of $550 and personal property worth  $300. Neighbors on either side of the Grubb home are listed as farmers. {D7} [Photo: Edward Grubb, 1860,  31 yo]

A Blacksmith.{D1}  “…For many years he was a blacksmith for the Old Central Ohio railroad, now the B. & O. and is probably the last surviving workman on that line in this vicinity.”{D5}

[Photo: 1906 a new railroad blacksmith shop, this would have been ‘state of the art’  and about 10 years after Edward retired.]

1864 US Army records describe Edward at, “Age 33, 5 feet 9 inches in height with a dark complexion, gray colored eyes and dark hair.” {D2} A photograph of Edward from ca 1855 at about 25 years of age shows he is combing his hair forward probably to cover thinning, which is seen on the sides of the temples. By ca 1878, at about age 48, he is rapidly becoming bald on top while maintaining hair growth around the sides. Edward was a well groomed, slender man with trimmed hair and a short mustache, which he carried for at least several decades. In the two photographs that the family has, Edward is seen well dressed in quality clothing.{D6}

On 13 May 1864, Edward enlisted as a Private in Company I, 170th Regiment Ohio National Guard Infantry at Bellair, OH. His period of enlistment was for 100 days. {D2} “…It  (the 170th Regiment) was mustered into the United States service on the 13th of May, at Bellair, OH and on the 17th it left for Washington city, but being detained by the destruction of the bridge at Harper’s Ferry, it did not reach its destination until the 22nd…On the night of 4th of July it left the defenses of Washington and proceeded to Sandy Hook, MD where it was engaged in skirmishes… the regiment took part in the advance made by General Sherman up the Shenandoah Valley…was detached and ordered to Harper’s Ferry as escort to a supply train…” The regiment was returned to Ohio and was mustered out 10 Sep 1864.{D3}

[Internet mage:  Post card of Old Soldiers Home at Sandusky, OH]

1. Wife, Mary Ann, died in 1896 leaving Edward a widower for 24 years.
2. From his obituary, “…He had resided in Belaire for many years, but for the past winter (1919-1920) had been at the Old Soldiers Home at Sandusky…”{D5}

Edward died of “Apopleay” (stroke) at 3 PM on 9 Feb 1920, age 90 years 22 days.{D4} At the time of his death, Edward was living at the home of his son Edward. F.{D5}

1.  1860 Federal Census,Pultney Township, Belmont County, OH.
2.  Military Service Branch, National Archives and Records Service, 8th & Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC. Provided the military service records of this individual.
3.  Ohio In The War: Her Statesmen, Her Generals, And Soldiers by Whitelaw W. Reid, 1872, published
by Wilstach, Baldwin & Co., Cincinnati, in two volumes, page 700.
4.  Bureau of Vital Statistics, Belmont County, OH Death Certificate of Edward Grubb; signed 10 Feb 1920.
5.  Obituary of Edward Grubb from “Bellaire Daily Leader”, Bellaire, OH,10 Feb 1920 issue.
6.  Eye witness, 2 great-grandson, Larry F. Pierce, 1994.
7.  6 June 1870Federal Census, RichlandTownship, Belmont County,OH.

Mary Ann HESS was born on 1 Apr 1835 in Monroe County, OH; died on 6 Jun 1896 in Richland Twp, Belmont, OH.

A ca 1868 photograph of Mary Ann when she was about 33 years old shows a well dressed, but rather plain woman with deep set eyes. Her dark hair is parted in the center and has long bangs which were curled and combed to either side of her face. She appears to have been short standing perhaps 5′ to 5′ 4″.{D3}

At the time of marriage Mary Ann was at least 18 years old and residing in Belmont Co., OH.{D1}
[Photograph: Mary Ann (Hess) Grubb, 1868, 33 years old]
DEATH: Mary died of Consumption at age 60 years 2 mo.{D2}

1.  Marriage Certificate of Edward Grubb and Mary Ann Hess, dated 6 March 1856 is on file in Belmont County Probate Court, Belmont County, OH.
2.  Death Certificate from Probate Court, St. Clairsville, Belmont County, OH, Record of Deaths Vol. #3,  Page 89.
3.  Eye witness, 2 great-grandson, Larry F. Pierce, 1994.

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