Last minute emergency shopping list

(Survival manual/7. Warehouse/Food/Last minute shopping list)

At the bottom of this post is an emergency shopping list of items you might want to put into supply immediately ahead of a catastrophic survival event. These items are either generally bulky, have relatively short shelf life, or not packaged for convenient storage in normal times.
The items increase the quantity of your current food  supply by factoring in a specific form of perceived threat. Note: You would want to have a few extra containers of your typical meal items on hand, if there was a chance the supermarket wouldn’t be able to resupply that product for 3-6 months, or more.

Your previous medium term food purchases (with dated register receipts) are known as a food stockpile, the purchases below, bought  in the face of a catastrophe could be considered hoarding.
It’s a matter of luck and timing, risk and reward in how you make the ‘last minute’ purchases.
If for example, if Mt. Tambora, a major volcano was stirring and showing the possibility of a near term eruption, should you buy the items listed below immediately and if the mountain didn’t explode (ever) or for another 1-2 months, then you simply have stockpiled household supplies; a smart move for people trying to protect a portion of their cash savings from inflation. If Tambora massively erupted, like it did in 1815, and if you went to the store  on the same day to do this major shopping, despite the fact that the general community has not yet realized the implication of a mega eruption, you could eventually be considered a hoarder. In any regard, save your sales receipts for stockpiled foods, it’s just smart to have the paperwork available.
If you don’t like all of today’s social programs, you definitely won’t like food being taken from your cupboard and redistributed on a chilly, hazily illuminated July afternoon.

The products listed below should be in addition to your well stocked ‘cupboard and secondary food stocks’. They are the ‘frosting on your cake’, the guarantors of near normalcy in your nutrition.
Typical canned and packaged supermarket foods should remain independent from your freeze-dried and-or dehydrated Long Term Food Storage inventory as much as possible. The latter should be used after your food cupboard resources have reached near depletion. The freeze-dried and dehydrated products in long-term storage have lighter weight and reduced volumes allowing for easier transport if evacuation is eventually required.

 In the following list, quantities given and their stock levels are based on threat scenarios. The list is meant as a guide. My particular situation, personal preferences and readings have led me to include the items listed. You should certainly substitute your preferences into the slots per your taste, but keep an eye on the nature of the threat, since it is a general indicator of how long the supply chain could be disrupted. In other words, substitute say, saltine crackers for graham crackers or 15 oz cans of peas for 15 oz cans of corn, but don’t change much in the way of the numbers or ratios, etc.

Because of the length of the aftermath duration, volcanic winter and a massive EMP strikes could be worse than a war occurring on U.S. soil. Volcanic winter’s can mean a very bad global food harvests for several consecutive years, during which time war and disease pandemic may also occur.
Disease pandemic does not refer to swine flu as much as it does to population killers such as plague, small pox, typhus, etc. A disease will typically sweep through a community and be largely gone with in 6 months, but may return within a few years.
Social-economic: Short term monetary-social collapse with long-term bank holidays, run away or hyperinflation, sustained very high unemployment, but with the supply infrastructure still pretty much intact.
(See also my posts entitled, Survival Manual/1. Disaster:   Volcanic winter, EMP-War, EMP-Solar flare, Financial Collapse, War-Radiological, and Pandemic.

The additional supplies listed below are for two adults where cupboard supplies have already been built up and there is some long-term contingent of freeze-dried and-or dehydrated foods in storage.

If you have no prior preps, the list will put you in reasonable shape to weather a long-term food crisis, thus supplied you will be in infinitely better condition than a last-minute consumer who is on an emergency grab and run mission.
(See also the post, Survival Manual/3. Food and Water/Developing a survival food list)

———————————————cut here and shop —————————————————


Volcanic Winter/EMP

War-Disease pandemic

Social -Economic


75 lb 10 lb 10 lb Flour, 5-10 lb bags, store in trash bags in sealed plastic  pails
50 lb 20 lb 10 lb Rice, 1-5 lb bags
100 lb 20 lb 10 lb Dry beans & peas: northern, pinto, refried, black eye  peas, split peas, lima beans, 15 bean soup mix, black beans, red beans
20 lbs each 10 lbs each 5 lb each Pasta: macaroni, spaghetti noodles
20 lbs 5 lb 5 lb Sugar
5 jar 2 jar 1 jar Honey
10 jar 5 jar 2 jar Jam
4 box 2 box 1 box Salt
10 jar 5 jar 1 jar Peanut butter
4 jar 2 jar 1 jar Dry Yeast


Volcanic Winter/EMP War-Disease pandemic Social -Economic ITEM
4 2 1 Vegetable oil, 48 oz., Canola
10 5 can 2 can Canola spray
30 20 can 10 can Carnation Evaporated milk, 12 oz.
25 can 10 can 5 can Tuna, canned
25 can 10 can 5 can Chicken, canned
25 can 10 can 5 can Salmon, canned
12 can 10 can 5 can Canned ham
25 can 10 can 3 can Spam, canned
25 can 10 can 5 can Canned hash, Corned Beef and Pot Roast
12 can 4 can 1 can Dingy Moore stew
20 tray 10 tray 5 can Stove top popcorn, foil topped
25 can 10 can 5 can peaches
25 can 10 can 5 can pears
25 can 5 can 5 can Tropical fruit
25 can 5 can 5 can fruit cocktail
25 can 5 can 2 jar applesauce
10 can ea 4 can ea 2 can ea  Vegetables: Corn, peas, green beans, cabbage, carrots, lima beans, sweet potato, sauerkraut, spinach
25 can ea 10 can ea 3 ea Potatoes: whole, sliced, diced
12 can 6 can 2 can Whole tomatoes, 14.5 oz can
16 can 6 can 2 can Tomato sauce, 8 oz cans
20 can ea 10 can ea 0 Beans: navy, northern, pinto, refried, black eye peas,
lima, Chili & Beans, pork & beans
20 can 10 can 5 can Campbell’s Chunky soup


Volcanic Winter/EMP War-Disease pandemic Social -Economic ITEM
8 box 6 box 4 box Graham crackers, (5 mo. Suggested use-shelf life when opened)
8 box 6 box 2 box Triscuits, (5 mo. Suggested  use-shelf life when opened)
8 box 6 box 2 box Wheat Thins, (5 mo. Suggested use-shelf life when opened)
10 pkg 6 pkg 4 pkg box granola bars
2 bags 2 bags 2 bags granola
2 box each 2 box each 1 box each Prepackaged snack: Ding Dongs, Moon Bar, Twinkies, cup cakes, 1-2 mo shelf life.
3  box 3  box 2  box Prepackaged snack:  assorted single serve chips
4 box 3 box 2 box Saltine crackers, (3-4 mo. shelf life when opened)
4 box 4 box 2 box Bisquick
4 bag 1 bag 0 Corn meal, 1-1/2 lb bag
8 box 4 box 2 box Stovetop dressing, box
8 box 4 box 2 box Pudding powders, various flavors
12 box 8 box 5 box Muffin mix, various, makes 8 muffins/pkg.
2 box 1 box 1 box Baking powder, 10 oz box
4 box 2 box 1box Salt iodized, 26 ox box.
2 tin 2 tin 1 tin Pepper, 4 oz tins
6 can 3can 1can Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee, 8 oz makes 120 ea 6 oz cups.


Volcanic Winter/EMP War-Disease pandemic Social -Economic ITEM (all from, order early)
1 box 1 box 0 Heinz Ketchup,  single serve packets, 200 ct/$11.08
1 box 1 box 0 French’s Mustard, single serve packets, 500 ct/$19.05
1 box 1 box 0 Portion Pack Sweet relish, 200 ct/$16.23
1 box 1 box 0 Kraft Mayonnaise, single serve packets, 7/16 oz, 200 ct/ $19.71
2 box 1 box 0 Welch’s Jelly Assortment: 80-Grape,
80-Mixed Fruit, 40-Strawberry Jam), 0.35-Ounce Single Serve Cups, 200 ct/$14.42


Volcanic Winter/EMP War-Disease pandemic Social -Economic ITEM
4 box 2 box 1 box Various chocolate candy bars
4 box 2 box 1 can Mixed nuts
4 pkg 4 pkg 0 Jerky, large pkg
6 bottle 4 bottle 2 bottle Syrup: regular and sugar free.
4 bag 2 bag 1 bag Butterscotch discs candy (about 84 pieces/ bag), $1.00


Volcanic Winter/EMP War-Disease pandemic Social -Economic ITEM
6 gal 4 gal 1 gal Clorox Bleach regular, non scented
6 pkg. 4 pkg 2 Household sponges and scratchers, pkg of 3
3 yr each 2 yr each 1 yr each Multi vitamins, Vitamin C
2 2 1 Vitamin D, 1000 mg
8 pkg 4 pkg 2 pkg Toilet paper packages, each with 24 rolls/2 ply.
8 4 2 Kleenex, large boxes
8 4 1 Paper plates, Dixie, pkg of 100 ea.
3 2 1 Paper bowls
6 3 1 Plastic tableware, sets
4 2 1 Small box, scented trash bags
4 2 1 Tin foil, 80 sq ft.
3 2 1 Dish soap, liquid

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