Fred Kellogg and Eloise Farrington

(Midwestern migration)

Fred Dewit KELLOGG was  born to the family of George Kellogg and Harriet Eastmanin ABT 1857 in Lisbon Twp, Kendall, IL.

At the time of Fred’s birth, the George Kellogg and Harriet Eastman family of Millington, IL lived a mere 24 miles SW from the Jonathan K. Pierce and Statira Curtis family of Batavia, IL (See Jonathan K. Pierce summary). Hazel M. Shafer, great granddaughter of George Kellogg, and Robert F. Pierce, great grandson of Jonathan K. Pierce, would meet and marry in Michigan some 3 generations  – 83 years later.

Fred Dewit KELLOGG married Eloise FARRINGTON on 4 Jan 1882  in Big Grove, Kendall, IL. They had the following children: Charles KELLOGG (b. ABT 1878), Effie KELLOGG (b. ABT 1882), ♥ Alma Delight KELLOGG (b. 2 May 1890), Harry D. KELLOGG (b. ABT 1892),  Ruth Leota KELLOGG (b. 30  Jul 1893), Vesper F. KELLOGG (b. 1896), Fred D. KELLOGG Jr. (b. 1898).

Fred and Eloise applied for a marriage license at the Kendall County Courthouse
at Yorkville, IL, on 3 Jan 1882. {D1} They were married the next day, on 4 Jan 1882, in Big Grove, by H.N. Stoddard, Minister of the Gospel. Charles and Jane Wilkins were witness to the marriage.{D2} Fred wrote on his marriage license that his families place of residence was Millington, Kendall Co., IL. In 1993, Millington is a small town of under 1000 population, located on the Fox River, about 9 miles SW of Yorkville, in Kendall County.
From a photograph of Fred when he was about 25 years old, ca 1882, perhaps his wedding picture: Fred is seen as a slender; devilishly handsome man with a long face; trimmed mustache; short light brown hair that is parted on his far left and combed across his head; he has a long neck; light colored eyes, probably blue, green or hazel. He appears quick, smart and alert. He is wearing a suit with a soft, silken looking hand tied bow tie.

Prior to their marriage, Eloise was living at home in Big Grove, Kendall, IL, Fred was living at home, farming in Millington, Kendall Co., IL{D2}
In June 1896 the family was living in Big Grove Twp, IL. and are listed as having 5 children.{D3}

Fred was a farmer.

The family lived in Kendall County, IL until about the end of the century, then moved to Hartford, Van Buren Co., MI. where they bought a farm.

Sometime after Fred’s death, the Michigan farm was divided between the families of daughters Alma and Ruth who had married the Shafer brothers, Pearl and Dell.

1. Marriage Affidavit, Kendall County clerk, , IL
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4. Petition for Appointment of Administrator, File #5455, Roll #360, Probate Court, Van Buren County, Paw Paw, MI 49070. Fred D. Kellogg Jr. died while serving in the US Army overseas. His sister, Ruth Kellogg-Shafer, handled her younger brothers $400 estate.

Eloise FARRINGTON was born to the family of Charles Farrington and Eunice Barker in ABT 1863 in Big Grove,Kendall, IL.

From a photograph of Eloise taken when she was about 18 years old, ca 1882, possibly a wedding picture: My first impression of Eloise from her picture is of a bright eyed, alert, attractive young woman, full of vitality and spirit. She has a pretty, with an oval or heart shaped face and large eyes that seem to capable of a lot of expression.  In the 1880s her hair had curls that seemed to run in rows across her head from front to back; this is not a hairdo I’ve seen during the last half of the 20th Century. Later in life, she gently combed her hair back and wound it into a bun on the back of her head. Her hair remained parted down the center all of her adult life. In a younger photo she is wearing a nice dress with considerable ruffled lace about the neck. By circa 1909, some 27 years later, Eloise has grown into a soft, pretty, happy and calm looking,  woman in her mid forties. She appears neat and well dressed.{D2}

When Eloise was married in 1882, at age 19 years, she listed Big Grove, Kendall, IL, as her place of birth and current residence. {D3}

About 1925, daughter Alma, and son-in-law Pearl Shafer, moved to Hartford and settled down on the farm owned by Alma’s mother, Eloise Farrington-Kellogg. They built a house about 75 to 100 feet from the Kellogg house. All that remained of the Kellogg home by about 1950, when I was an 8 yo child, was a weedy hole in the ground where the basement had been. {D1}

1. Recollections of granddaughter, Hazel M. Pierce, 1988.
2. Recollections of great-grandson, Larry F. Pierce, 1994.
3.  Marriage License of Fred D. Kellogg and Eloise Farrington, registered at County Clerks office, Yorkville, Kendall County, IL.

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