Jeffrey Horney & Catherine “Katie” Janes

(Settlers and migrants, Horney family)

*  Jeffrey HORNEY IV was born on 7 Mar 1798 in Deep River area, Guilford, NC; died on 1 Oct 1876 in Jeffersonville, Fayette, OH; buried in Jeffersonville, Fayette, OH.

Jeffrey Horney IV married Catherine  “Katie” JANES on 23 Mar 1825 in Fayette, OH.
They had the following children: Pheobe HORNEY (b. 1827), Elizabeth HORNEY (b. 1830), William Janes HORNEY (b. 1831), Mariah HORNEY (b. 1833), ♥ Margaret HORNEY (b. 17 Dec 1834), Catherine HORNEY (b. 1837), Sarah Jane HORNEY (b. 1840), John HORNEY (b. 7 Jan 1846), George W. HORNEY (b. 1848).
[Photo left: Jeffery Horney ca 1865, abt 67 yo.]

In 1801 or 1802, with the dissolution of the Nicholite religious group (see William Horney summery), William moved the family, including young Jeffrey, from of Guilford County, NC  to OH.

About 23 years after arriving in OH, and at about age 27, Jeffrey Horney married Catherine “Katie” Janes, age 17 .
The Jeffrey Horney family bought a 206.5 acre tract of land 3 miles NW of Jeffersonville on Rattlesnake Creek, Fayette Co., OH.{D3}{D4}  The family was living in Fayette Co. when son John was born on 7 Jan 1846.{D3}

The 1830 and 1840  Federal Census of Jefferson Township, Fayette County, OH, show Jeffrey’s family continuing to live and grow on the family farm.{D}

In 1850, Jeffery Horney is listed as a farmer owning $4,900 in real estate. Persons in his household are; himself, age 52; wife Catherine, 42; Elizabeth, 20; W.J., 18; Mariah, 17; Margaret, 15; Catherine, 13; Sarah I., 10; John, 3; George, 1; and John C. Horney (relative), 13.{D5}

Jeffrey and Catherine lived on the rural Jefferson township farm until their deaths.

During the early decades of the 19th Century it was not uncommon for farmers in the vicinity of Jeffersonville to take sack corn by horseback to Oldtown, in Greene County, for milling. It took two days to make the trip, so the travelers would bring a dog, a gun and camp along the path at night.  Some of the farm implements used by the early farmers in this region, included the wooden plow, wooden-toothed harrow, harness’ made of rope and elm bark, and a sickle for cutting grain. {D3}

Horney name meaning: German: Eastphalian or Americanized form of a personal name composed of the Germanic elements hard ‘hardy’, ‘brave’,‘strong’ + nit ‘battle fury’, ‘eagerness to fight’.

With the 1826 division of Jefferson Township into seven school districts, the families of William Horney, sons Jeffrey Horney and John Horney were all placed in the Fourth District.{D3}

•  1844 Jeffrey Horney is elected “trustee” as one of three Jefferson Township Officials. {D3}
•  1845 Jeffrey reelected as a township official, “trustee”.
•  1846 Reelected as a township official, “trustee”. {D3}

Jeffrey’s son, John Horney, inherited the family farm.{D3}

Jeffrey Horney and wife Catherine Janes share the same family marker in the Jeffersonville Cemetery. Their vital statistics are written or opposite sides of the obelisk shaped  stone.{D1}

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Individual source: TITLE: Betebenner – Horney and Allied Families, 1981 by Evelyn Halkyard Vohland, Published by The Clipper Publishers, Shelton, NE, 297 pages, hardbound.

*   Catherine  “Katie” JANES was born 19 Sep 1807 in Straight Creek, Highland, VA; died on 23 Mar 1865 in Jeffersonville, Fayette, OH; age 78 years: buried in Old Jeffersonville Cemetery, Jeffersonville, Fayette, OH.

Catherine Janes was the grand daughter of Margaret Seybert, who at a young age was taken prisoner by an Indian war party at Fort Seybert, WV. (See Jacob Seybert and Margaret Seybert summaries.)

Catherine attended school in Jefferson Townships Third School District, not the same district as her future husband, Jeffery Horney.

Individual source: TITLE:
Betebenner – Horney and Allied Families, 1981 by Evelyn Halkyard Vohland, Published by The Clipper Publishers, Shelton, NE, 297 pages, hardbound.

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