Perez Chipman Sr. & Perez Chipman Jr.

(1620 Mayflower lineage)


* Perez CHIPMAN Sr. was born on 28 Sep 1702 in Sandwich, MA; died in 1781 in Sussex, DE; buried in Sussex, DE.

Perez CHIPMAN married (1) Margaret Hinckley,  (2) Margaret Wheeler in 1725, (3) Judith Draper in 1740.
In the marriage to Margaret WHEELER, they had the following children: John CHIPMAN, Sarah CHIPMAN, Betsy CHIPMAN, Kezia CHIPMAN, ♥ Perez CHIPMAN Jr. (b. ABT 1730), Benjamin CHIPMAN, Love CHIPMAN, Draper CHIPMAN, Mellicent CHIPMAN, Mary CHIPMAN.

Perez lived the last years of his life in Sussex Co., DE, but is believed to have lived in some other New England state for a considerable time.

The children of John Chipman spread out in the colonies as noted by their half brother Handley Chipman in his short family history, “They scattered much in their Settling in families.”{D1}

Handley continued writing about his half brothers, which included Perez Chipman Sr., stating, “They were mostly of more than middling size. James was a clothier by Trade, Perez was a blacksmith as was also Ebebezer, John was a farmer and Stephen a cooper by trade…” {D1}
Blacksmiths, or “smiths,” were key contributors to American colonial society. Manipulating  iron for everything from shoeing horses to manufacturing and repairing tools and  utensils, blacksmiths were involved in all aspects of colonial life. The high colonial regard for labor along with the utility of the business made  blacksmithing a reputable and worthy occupation. [Internet image left: Colonial blacksmith. Image below right: Examples of blacksmith metal work.]

1.  A Chipman Family History by Handley Chipman (1717-1799) of Newport, RI and Cornwallis, Nova Scotia. Reproduced and printed by “The New England Historical and Genealogical Register”, 1937, Vol. XCI, Published by the Society at the Robert Henry Eddy Memorial Rooms, Boston.
•  Individual source: The Chipman Family: A Genealogy of the Chipmans In America 1631-1920 by Bert Lee Chipman, 1920, Winston -Salem, NC.
•  Individual source: Mayflower Families In Progress: Richard Warren of the Mayflower and His Descendants for Four Generations, compiled by Robert S. Wakefield and others, Published by
General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1987.

* Margaret WHEELER  was born 1702 in Sussex Co., Delaware and died in 1739 Somerset, MD
Individual source: The Chipman Family: A Genealogy of the Chipmans In America 1631-1920 by Bert Lee Chipman, 1920, Winston -Salem, NC.


* Perez CHIPMAN Jr. was born April 1730 in Sussex, DE; died on 13 Mar 1801 in Deep River, Guilford, NC; buried in Deep River, Guilford, NC.

Perez Chipman Jr. married Margaret MANLOVE on 3 Oct 1751 in Camden, DE. They had the following children: Eunice CHIPMAN (b. 20 Jun 1752), ♥ Harriet Hannah CHIPMAN (b. 11 Nov 1753), Mary CHIPMAN (b. 27 Jul 1756), Deborah CHIPMAN (b. 31 Dec 1758), John CHIPMAN (b. 24 Mar 1761), Paris CHIPMAN III (b. 11 Sep 1763).

Perez signed his name as “Perez” on his Will, but the writer of the Will spelled his name “Paris”, both spellings were considered correct in the 18th Century.

Perez lived, from 1749 to about the close of the Revolutionary War, in Camden, DE, and then moved to Deep River, Guilford Co., NC.

1. A manumission deed for Kent County, DE, dated 24 May 1766, shows Paris and Margaret Chipman freeing a Negro boy named Thomas.{D3}
2. “While the British army had control of Delaware, a party of their soldiers came to get from him what plunder they could, but, from respect for the non-combative principles indicated by his coat, agreed to divide the bacon in his meat-house equally with him. He looked on quietly until the division was made, then his manhood rising to energy, he pitched them all out of doors with his own hands.”{D2}

Perez was a leading figure in a religious group known as the Nicholites, a Quaker like group that formed in  Kent County, Delaware. “Chipman was one of the first Nicholites to leave Maryland-Delaware area where upon he and another settler bought 640 acres in Guilford Co., NC in 1775.”{D3} See genealogy posts: a) Jeffrey Horney III and b) William Coffin for further details about the Nicholite religion.

In Guilford Co., NC, a “Nicholite Meeting House” was built. (In 1994 this location is just NW of High Point Reservoir.) Perez lived 2.6 miles north of the meeting house. His son-in-law William Horney and daughter, Hannah Chipman, bought land and resided about 0.7 mile north of the meeting house.{D4}

Perez Chipman Jr was a  “fuller” or clothier. {D2}

“CHIPMAN, Perez, born ca. 1730, d 13 Mar 1801, m Margaret Manlove, Patriot Service, NC.”{D1} Services rendered in the establishment of American Independence: “For sundries furnished the militia of North Carolina Virginia and South Carolina as allowed by Bruce and Baggee Auditors to
Perez Chipman”{D5} Both Perez Chipman Jr. and his father Perez Chipman furnished sundries for the Colonial soldiers.

“I give and bequeath unto my Loving wife Margaret. The full use and Priviledge of my house During her Lifetime, and also what income is to be paid by my Two sons Together with as much of my stock and movables as she Sees proper to have and one Hundred Pounds in hard money to be paid by my Executors to be here after mentioned…that my land Called farlow shall eaqually Devided by my two Sons John & Paris…The residue of my Estate both Real and Tomporal to be appraised and Devided in three parts one third to my son John, and one third to my son Paris, and the other third to be Equally Devided Between my Two Daughters, ♥ Hannah Horney & Mary Horney…” Signed by Perez Chipman on 13 Jan 1797.

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* Margaret MANLOVE daughter of William Manlove and Elizabeth Browne was born in 1728; died on 23 Feb 1803 in Deep River, Guilford, NC; buried inDeep River,Guilford, NC.

Individual source: The Chipman Family: A Genealogy of the Chipmans In America 1631-1920 by Bert Lee Chipman, 1920, Winston -Salem, NC.

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