Pandemic fears good for the pharmaceutical industry?

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1.  Data the drug industry would prefer you didn’t see
Child Health Safety,  Vaccines Did Not Save Us – 2 Centuries of Official Statistics.   <;

This is the data the drug industry do not want you to see. Here are two centuries of UK, USA and Australian official death statistics which show conclusively and scientifically, that modern medicine is not responsible for and played little part in substantially improved life expectancy and survival from disease in western economies.

The main advances in combating disease over 200 years have been [1]  better food and [2] clean drinking water.  [3] Improved sanitation, [4] less overcrowded and [5] better living conditions also contribute. This is also borne out in published peer-reviewed research:

•  Measles was one of the very potent infectious killers. As the graph clearly shows deaths were rampant throughout the 1800s and then began a rapid decline and virtually became a relatively benign disease by the mid 1900s causing very few deaths. By the time the measles vaccine was introduced approximately in 1968 the death rate for measles had fallen by over 99%. [Graph below]

•  Whooping cough, also known as pertussis, was an infectious killer on par with measles killing many people throughout the 1800s. Similar to measles a slow and steady decline began in the late 1800s
becoming much less of a deadly threat by the mid 1900s. By the time the whooping-cough vaccine was introduced the 1950s the death rate had also fallen by over 99%. [Graph below]

•  Scarlet fever was twice the killer that measles and whooping-cough were during the 1800s. Similar to measles and whooping-cough, scarlet fever also made a rapid fall in death rate starting in the late 1800s and becoming virtually benign by the mid 1900s. Although a scarlet fever vaccine was patented in 1924 it was never in widespread use.
•  Smallpox was a lesser killer than measles, whooping-cough, or scarlet fever, but was still an important agent of mortality.
Smallpox, like scarlet fever, became exceptionally deadly periodically interestingly in somewhat synchronized with scarlet fever. In the late 1700s a man by the name of Edward Jenner created a vaccine he believed would protect against smallpox. Jenner believed that if he could inject someone with cowpox, the germs from the cowpox would make the body able to defend itself against the dangerous smallpox. However for the next 80 years despite strong vaccination laws in England smallpox continued to take many lives culminating with a massive smallpox pandemic in 1872. Again, similar to the other infectious diseases already discussed the death rate from smallpox finally began to decline by the late 1800s and became less of a killer by the early 1900s.

This historic research shown in the form of these graphs clearly demonstrates that vaccines were not the key factors in the reduction in deaths from these deadly diseases. Both whooping-cough and measles death rates had fallen by 99% before the introduction of vaccines. A much bigger killer, scarlet fever, had its death rate also decline into virtual obscurity without the use of any vaccine. Smallpox remained a significant killer despite having a vaccine in use for approximately 80 years and then that disease’s death rate declined along at the same time as the other infectious diseases.

Can “vaccinatable” diseases “return” despite vaccination?  Yes.  If you are too poorly nourished your body is likely to lack essential nutrients needed to maintain its immune system sufficiently to withstand disease.  This will happen regardless of how many vaccinations you have had.  This was experienced in Eastern Europe following the collapse of the old Soviet Bloc and the economic chaos which ensued, leaving many in great poverty.
For the same reason vaccines do not “work” and “save” lives in impoverished African and other third world economies.  The majority of third world child deaths still occur despite vaccination.  These children need proper food, clean water to drink and wash in, and sanitation.  We give them vaccines instead. [Think about what this means to your community’s health if the electric grid infrastructure is down for an appreciable amount of time, say, for several months. Mr Larry]

2.  The Great 1918 Flu Pandemic Was Not Due to Flu … or A Virus
Apr-14-2011, J Holcombe, D Jacobson for
“A Press Release, issued by NIAID contains a striking finding and conclusion: The 20 to 40 million deaths worldwide from the great 1918 Influenza (”Flu”) Pandemic were NOT due to “flu” or a virus, but to pneumonia caused by massive bacterial infection.” William Engdahl

(LONDON) – From Engdahl’s work:
“One of the most terrifying images that has been used by spokesmen for WHO, by the pharma industry and various beneficiaries of the current “swine flu” panic is that of the 1918 “Spanish Flu” which is said to have resulted in more deaths than all World War I. Was it really a flu? Broxmeyer is convinced as others that it wasn’t.

“Lawrence Broxmeyer believes that the 1918 pandemic was due to bacteria, particularly  mutant forms of flu-like fowl, swine, bovine, and human tuberculosis (TB) bacteria. “These forms of tuberculosis are often viral-like, mutate frequently and can “skip” from one species to another. Moreover the antibodies from such viral TB forms react in the compliment fixation and later “viral” assays. They also grow on cultures which are supposed to grow only viruses,” he notes.

The NIAID press release dovetails with firsthand accounts –  of many kinds of leftover (potentially spoiled) vaccines the pharmaceutical industry wanted to offload after WWI, being forced on soldiers, as well as of aspirin use suppressing immunity and leading to pneumonias, as detailed in Saying Goodbye to Fear of the 1918 Flu.

[Photo at right 1918 flu pandemic. Could  the massive flu deaths of WWI have a direct relationship to Gulf War Disease?]

“I heard that seven men dropped dead in a doctor’s office after being vaccinated. This was in an army camp, so I wrote to the Government for verification. They sent me the report of U.S. Secretary of War, Henry L. Stimson. The report not only verified the report of the seven who dropped dead from the vaccines, but it stated that there had been 63 deaths and 28,585 cases of hepatitis as a direct result of  the yellow fever vaccine during only 6 months of the war. That was only one of the 14 to 25 shots given the soldiers. We can imagine the damage that all these shots did to the men.
[Imagine 14-25 different ‘dead virus’s’ injected into your body in a short period of time. Global diseases experts point out that the modern flu can go around from pig to bird to man (Avain flu and Pig flu), becoming more dangerous and more contagious. What kind of pathogenesis might occur within  your body from its dealing with, and the interaction of 14-25 ‘dead viruses? Such vaccinations were deemed ‘safe;’ by the government and medical profession ca 1918. Today, similar, and other practices, may be seen as safe, yet the future may prove them wrongful as well. Are you interested in being part of the grand experiment? Think, before doing. A single vaccination now and again is one thing, ‘efficient, multiple vaccinations’ may be quite another. Just as we look back at the primitive medical profession of the early 1900s, in 100 years from now, future people will likewise look back at our practices and shake their heads with an incredulous smirk.]

“All the doctors and people who were living at the time of the 1918 Spanish Influenza epidemic say it was the most terrible disease the world has ever had [seen]. Strong men, hale and hearty, one day would be dead the next. The disease had the characteristics of the black death added to typhoid, diphtheria, pneumonia, smallpox, paralysis and all the diseases the people had been vaccinated with immediately following World War 1. Practically the entire population had been injected “seeded” with a dozen or more diseases — or toxic serums. When all those doctor-made diseases started breaking out all at once it was tragic.”

Could such a conglomeration of 14-25 vaccines trigger what Broxmeyer suspects – “particularly mutant forms of flu-like fowl, swine, bovine, and human tuberculosis (TB) bacteria”?

And if there were no virus that caused the 1918 “flu,” then how could another pandemic – avian, swine or otherwise – occur that is linked to the 1918 virus?

From an interview with German physician, Dr. Stephan Lanka, virologist:
“Dr Jeffery Taubenberger, from whom the allegation of a reconstruction of the 1918 pandemic virus originates, works for the US-American army and has worked for more than 10 years on producing, on the basis of samples from different human corpses, short pieces of gene substance by means of the biochemical multiplication technique PCR. Out of the multitude of produced pieces he has selected those which came closest to the model of the genetic substance of  the idea of an influenza virus, and has published these.

“In no corpse however was a virus seen or isolated or was a piece of gene substance from a such isolated. By means of the PCR technique there were produced out of nothing pieces of gene substance whose earlier existence in the corpse could not be demonstrated.

“If viruses had been present, then these could have been isolated, and out of them their gene substance could have been isolated too; there would have been no necessity for anyone to produce laboriously, by means of PCR technique – with clearly a swindle intention – a patchwork quilt of a model of the genetic
substance of the idea of an influenza virus. ….

“In order to see through this swindle one only has to be able to add up the published length pieces, in order to ascertain that the sum of the lengths of the individual pieces, which supposedly makes up the entire viral gene substance of the purported influenza virus, does not make up the length of the idea of the genome of the influenza virus model.

“Even simpler it is to ask in what publication you can find the electron microscope photo of this supposedly reconstructed virus. There is no such publication.”

Is WHO covering up a tuberculosis epidemic with fake H1N1 panic?, William Engdahl wrote,

Dr. Robert Donaldson, of the Pathological Society of Great Britain has concluded that there wasn’t “the slightest shred of evidence” that the 1918 disease was due to a “virus” or influenza.
When questioned regarding the electron pictograph of H1N1 that the CDC recently came up with on their website, … German virologist Dr Stefan Lanka, an expert on the documentation of viruses, attest[ed] to the fact that the H1N1 picture was bogus.
“The virologist wrote that he had “written the CDC many times as to who made the H1N1 photo’s and whether they where scientifically documented as to chemical characteristics and other properties.” There was never any reply.

“He concluded “If CDC refuses to cite the source of the photos,  they are fake.”  … In conclusion, without the isolation of the H1N1, there is no H1N1 infecting virus” …

“Even more bizarre is the admission by the US Government’s Food and Drug Administration … that the ‘test’ approved for premature release to test for H1N1 is not even a proven test. “More to the point … there is no forensic evidence in any of the deaths reported to date that has been presented that proves scientifically that any single death being attributed to H1N1 Swine Flu virus was indeed caused by such
a virus.”

The projection of a swine flu virus potentially killing millions worldwide, rested on the 1918 flu which was not caused by a flu (or virus).  That was the terrorizing basis on which the WHO urged new, untested H1N1 vaccines on the world. The WHO and media suggested that the avian flu was a new deadly virus that, like the 1918 flu, threatened a worldwide pandemic with millions of deaths.  Professor Albert Osterhaus at the WHO, nicknamed “Dr. Flu,” the central figure internationally in promoting the idea of pandemics that would kill millions, was exposed by Dutch media as having financial interests in vaccine development.

From WHO, ‘Mr Flu’ under investigation for gross conflict of interest  by William Engdahl
“More careful investigation into the Osterhaus Affair suggests that the world-renowned Dutch Virologist may be at the very center of a multi-billion Euro pandemic fraud which has used human beings in effect as human guinea pigs with untested vaccines and in cases now emerging resulting in deaths or severe
bodily paralysis or injury.”  ….”

In the following two sentences, Osterhaus builds to the idea of a deadly pandemic using one non-fact after another  and goes on from there to project its spread to Europe.  In suggesting a deadly threat to the entire world, he uses no facts.  He does, though, include the words “indeed” and “real.

“… if the virus manages indeed to, to mutate itself  [Indeed:”in fact; in reality; in truth; truly (used for emphasis, to confirm and amplify a previous  statement, to indicate aconcession or admission, or, interrogatively, to obtain confirmation.]

in such a way that it can transmit from human to human, then we have a completely different situation, we might be at the start of the pandemic.”

” … there is a real chance that this virus could be trafficked by the birds all the way to Europe. 

There is a real risk, but nobody can estimate the risk at this moment, because we haven’t done the experiments.”  …. 

Engdahl again:
Osterhaus claimed that bird feces were the source, via air bombardment or droppings, onto populations and birds below, of the spread of the deadly new Asian strain of H5N1. There was only one problem with the now voluminous frozen samples of diverse bird excrement he and his associated had collected and frozen at his institute. There was not one single confirmed example of H5N1 virus found in any of his samples.

“Not only was Osterhaus in a key position to advocate the panic-inducing WHO “Pandemic emergency” declaration. He was also chairman of the leading private European Scientific Working group on Influenza, which describes itself as a “multidisciplinary group of key opinion leaders in influenza [that] aims to combat the impact of epidemic and pandemic influenza.” Osterhaus’ ESWI is the vital link as they themselves describe it “between the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin and the University of Connecticut, USA.”

“What is more significant about the ESWI is that its work is entirely financed by the same pharma mafia companies that make billions on the pandemic emergency as governments around the world are compelled to buy and stockpile vaccines on declaration of a WHO Pandemic. The funders of ESWI include H1N1 vaccine maker Novartis, Tamiflu distributor, Hofmann-La Roche, Baxter Vaccines, MedImmune, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi Pasteur and others.

“There were no mass deaths from Avian flu, but Roche and GSK made fortunes from sale of anti-viral drugs.

Continuing from the interview  with Dr. Lanka:
[1] “The politicians and the media are taking it upon themselves to delude us into believing everything, for instance, delude us into believing that migratory birds in Asia have been infected with an extremely dangerous, deadly virus.
[2] “These mortally diseased birds then keep flying for weeks on end.
[3] They fly thousands of kilometres, and then in Rumania, in Turkey, Greece
[4] and elsewhere infect hens, geese or other poultry, with which they have had no contact,
[5] and which within a very short time get diseased and die.

“….Anyone who believes this will believe too that babies are brought by the stork. In fact the larger part of people in Germany do believe in a danger from bird flu, don’t they[?].

“Is there, then, no bird flu at all?

“Since the late 19th century, diseases of poultry in mass animal farming have been observed: Blue coloring of the crest, decrease in egg laying performance, sagging of the feathers, and sometimes these animals die too. These diseases were called bird pest.

“In present-day mass poultry farming, in particular when hens are being raised in cages, many animals die each day as a result of species-alien animal farming. Later, these consequences of the mass animal farming were no longer called bird pest, but bird flu. Since decades back, we are experiencing that a transferable virus is being maintained as the cause of this, in order to deflect from the actual causes.

“Then those 100 million hens which appear to have died from bird flu in reality have died from stress or and/or from nourishment deficiency and poisoning?

“No! If one hen lies fewer eggs or gets a blue crest and that hen is tested H5N1-positive too, then all the other hens are gassed. That is how there got to be those 100 million apparently H5N1-killed hens.

The “bird flu” generated billions in profit to the pharmaceutical industry, while on the animal side, it made and makes huge profits for agribusiness.  (A true distinction between these industries doesn’t really exist since the pharmaceutical industry supplies animal vaccines and drugs, GE-hormones, and
 antibiotics added to animal feed derived from GMOs and pesticides they are involved in producing.

“If you look at this more closely, then you see behind it a several-decades-long strategy: In the West,
the big enterprises are cleaning … up with this, because those animals which have died “from the contagious disease” are being compensated for at the expense of the general public, at the highest market price, while in Asia and everywhere where poultry are being farmed successfully, the poultry market there is being destroyed maliciously and on purpose under the leadership of the UN organization FAO.

“All big Western poultry farming enterprises, … if the market price for poultry sinks, they get an infectious disease diagnosed, so that they can get their animals sold at a higher price than would be possible with normal farming, “taken care of” at the governmentally guaranteed maximum price,  and all the animals in one single batch too.

“To bring it to the common denominator: It’s modern subvention (“grant of financial aid as from a government …”) scamming combined with paralyzing scaremongering, which as a secondary effect guarantees that nobody asks for proof.

“Of what did those 61 persons die who were demonstrated to have H5N1?

“There is only very little in the way of publicly available reports, describing what were the symptoms and how these persons were then treated. These cases clearly point in one direction: Persons with symptoms of a cold, who then had the bad luck to fall into the hands of H5N1 hunters, were killed with enormous amounts of chemotherapy supposed to restrain the phantom virus. Isolated in plastic tents, surrounded by madmen in space suits, they died, in panicky fear, from multiple organ failures.

“In the media, photos of bird flu viruses and influenza viruses constantly are being shown. Some of these photos show round formations. Are those not viruses?
“No! ….
“If you ask the picture agencies or a news agency such as the dpa from where they are getting these
 photos of theirs, then they will refer you to the American contagious-disease authority the CDC of the Pentagon. From this CDC it is that the only photo of the purported H5N1 originates too.”

The WHO and CDC are still urging H1N1 vaccines and flu vaccines (which contain the H1N1 vaccine), based on fear it could kill as the 1918 virus did, and on the avian flu as proof of deadly viruses leaping from animals to humans, able to strike at any moment, potentially killing many millions – as the 1918 virus was supposed to have done.

But there is no evidence for a virus in any of those cases: no evidence for a 1918 virus, no evidence of a H5N1 virus bolstered by spurious photos from the CDC, and no evidence of an H1N1 virus but fake photos and wildly false data from the CDC.

Based on almost a century of falsely believing the 1918 catastrophe was caused by a virus when it was not, the world has been terrorized into believing it could come back.

The bird and mammalian species took hold on the earth approximately 65 million years ago, i.e. the same time as the dinosaurs went extinct. So did the flu and other viruses of all the surviving species. Since then, all those viruses have been mating and mutating among themselves without the sky caving in due to any infection. Therefore, any talk of a bird or swine flu pandemic with the probability to kill millions of people is either a purposeful or hallucinogenic nonsense to make profit on the backs of the innocent following.
Shiv Chopra (microbiologist, veterinarian, Health Canada food safety and vaccine expert)

Truth Comes Out: 2009 H1N1 Flu Pandemic ‘deaths’ of Children Were Actually Caused by MRSA
November 8, 2011, International Business Times, By Natural News

(NaturalNews) Remember two years ago when every news show featured hysterical reports about the so-called H1N1 pandemic and how the supposed killer flu was striking down healthy kids? True, many previously healthy children became critically ill, developing severe pneumonia and respiratory failure. And some tragically died after being diagnosed with H1N1. But was that really the accurate explanation of what caused their death?
According to the largest nationwide investigation to date of the flu in children who became critically ill, scientists from Children’s Hospital Boston have found another reason to explain the severity of the youngsters illness. It turns out that it most likely wasn’t H1N1 alone that caused healthy children to become so ill many died.
Instead, these kids were unknowingly infected with something else. That additional infection, the superbug known as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), spiked the risk for flu-related deaths 8-fold in children who were otherwise believed to be totally healthy before they became ill.
Almost all of these children who were found to be infected with the superbug were immediately treated with vancomycin, considered to be best treatment for MRSA. Yet they died despite being administered this powerful antibiotic and their deaths were blamed on the flu. But the new research suggests it was the MRSA that played a huge role in killing these children.

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