Martin Jackson Shafer and Arvilla A. Dyer

(My famiily in history/4. Midwestern migration/Shafer family)

* Martin Jackson SHAFER
BIRTH: Martin was born 16 October 1837 in New York state to the family of John Joseph Shafer and Lydia A. Dodge.
The 1860 census of Lawrence Twp, Van Buren Co, MI listed Martin as born in OH, his death certificate and obituary stated he was born in NY state. {D1}

“While yet a boy of sixteen, he came to the then almost unbroken wilderness of Van Buren County, Michigan and settled with his parents in Hartford in 1855, where a major portion of his life was spent and seeing what was an unbroken forest grow into a veritable fruit garden…” {D2}

Martin Jackson Shafer and Arvilla Ann Dyer were married on 24 March 1860 in Lawrence or Hartford Township, MI {D3}. “…he was married to Miss Arvilla Dyer a young lady of Hartford, where they continued to live…”{D2}
They had the following eleven children: Jay Frank (b. 10 Apr 1861), ♥ Charles Elmer (b. 25 Apr 1862), Mac McClellan (b. 16 Mar 1864), Ulysses S. (b. 7 Oct 1865),  Clementine A. (b. 6 Oct 1866),  Larue Glen (b. 13 Apr 1868), Metta Maud (b. 24 Aug 1870), Emory F. (b.12 June 1872), Bert B. (b. 22 Apr 1976), Marion Judson (b. 20 Dec 1880), Altha (b. 6 June 1884). {D3}

[Main Street Hartford, MI, late 1800s. A sight common to several generations of the Shafer family]

Martin and Arvilla, raised a family of eleven children while living in Lawrence and Hartford Twps. In 1885 after several of his children were grown, Martin moved the family to Elbridge Township, near Hart, MI, where he purchased land. Three of his adult children, Glenn, Marion and Altha lived in Elbridge.
[Martin Jackson Shafer and Arvilla Ann (Dyer) seat at table, with children around. My ancestor Charles Elmer Shafer is seated to the left of his father Martin, hands cusp)


“… Martin was a quiet unassuming man, working hard to make his way in the world…”{D2}

“…At an early age was converted and united with the Baptist Church.”{D2}

After the death of his wife Arvilla in 1909, Martain spent his last months living with his children. In 1910 Martin died of “Canceronia of Intestines” while staying at the home of his son, Glenn, in Elbridge Township, Oceana County, MI. . {D1} {D2} Martin died in 1910 of cancer. {D3}

Elbridge Cemetery with wife Arvilla.

1.  Certified Copy of Death Record, Record Number 2150; Oceana County Clerk, Oceana County, MI.
2. Martin Jackson Shafer obituary, Elbridge (?) newspaper, Oceana County, MI, obituary clipping was found in the Shafer family Bible.
3. Descendants of John Shafer 1810 – 1967 by Howard Leroy Shafer of Union City, IN, printed 1967, about 100 pages.

* Arvilla Ann DYER
Arvilla was born in New York state on 3 April 1843. Her family moved to the near wilderness of Hartford, MI, where she met her future husband, Martin Jackson Shafer.

Arvilla was married to Martin Jackson Shafer on 24 March 1860, at age 16 years, 11 months and 21 days.

Arvilla died of “Heart Disease” at age 66 years, 1 month and 2 days, in Elbridge, Oceana Co. MI. and was buried at the Elbridge Cemetery {D1} {D2}

1.  Certified Copy of Record of Death, Record Number 1978; Oceana County Clerk, Oceana County, MI.
2.  Descendants of John Shafer 1810 – 1967 by Howard Leroy Shafer of Union City, IN, printed 1967, about 100 pages.

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