Car Carry Kit

(Survival Manual/7. Warehouse/Car Carry Kit)

Car Carry Kit (status ca. 2010)

Emergency equipment carried in my automobile:(Left to right)
In wall-compartment: GoPower 175 watt 12 DC-AC inverter, a Sanyo AA/AAA battery charger and a multi outlet power strip.
On deck: wide brim western hat, aluminum baseball bat and Mace Pepper spray gun (holster is mounted in driver’s seat map door well).
Behind netting: large, black Automobile tool box (see tool box inventory below), 6 ea 24 oz Aquafina bottled water (subsequently doubled to 12 ea 24 oz bottles of water or, 2-1/4   gallons), shovel, 3 ton jack (in box below shovel.
Other   items: carried, but not seen: a LED flashlight, spare AA batteries, umbrella, Kleenex, handi-wipes, Tums, Tylenol, air pressure gauge, 3×5 notebook and ball point pen, GPS mount, several maps, sunglasses,   butane lighter in protective tube.

 Automobile Tool Box Contents

Automobile Tool Box:
Top Left: two small plastic, multi compartment boxes, which are part of the tool chest lid: containing nails, sheetrock screws, rubber bands, S- hooks, cable clamps, cup hooks and empty compartments for more items.
Top Right in the main tool chest: orange coveralls, large white shirt (rolled up), 50 foot nylon rope, 40 yard roll utility Duct tape, snow scraper (raspberry colored   handle), battery jumper cables (yellow cable with red and black battery clamps).
Center left items in tray from tool box: Top half from left, contains used yellow toothbrush for cleaning things, blue multi driver tool with 14 bits located inside the handle, roll of black electricians tape, metal tape measure 10 foot x ¼ inch, 2 small   C-clamps, Metric and US Allen wrench sets.
Middle: blue 2x AA cell Pen flashlight, box cutter with spare razor blades inside handle.
Bottom half of tray: 10 inch crescent wrench, vice grips, 6 inch crescent wrench, 10 inch pipe wrench, pliers.
To the right of the tool box tray: Stanley ‘fubar’ (an 18 inch, 5 pound wrecking bar with protective covers on the ‘working’ ends- enables one to go through walls  & go through doors); below it is a sharpened hatchet.
Below Tool box tray L>R: A  can of WD40 lubricant spray, ‘3 in 1’ lubricating oil, Remington gun oil, fishing tackle box (see fishing tackle box contents below), package of terry cloth   rags and paper towels, pair of brown cotton gloves, orange fabric drop cloth (measures ~4 ft x 4 ft).

Emergency Fishing Gear

Basic emergency fishing gear in a 8”x11” divided case with handle. This case is carried in the   lower compartment of the Automobile Tool Box.
Top Row L>R: 2 round, iridescent plastic floats & 2 oval, red & white wooden floats; 80 “Crappie’ hooks in 5 sizes spread amongst two trays).
2nd   Row: plastic bag with 21 crappie ‘Snells’ with 6 hook sizes.
3rd Row   large compartment: round divided container with 24 barrel swivels in assorted sizes, below is a divided plastic tray with 124 removable split shot sinkers in 5 assorted sizes. Next compartment: tube of pink Berkley ‘Crappie Nibbles’ bait; 1 multi   hook line; 6 each 6 inch wire leaders.
Lower Left compartment: pkg. of 2 jig   spinners;
Lower right: Pkg. of 4 faux minnow baits, below is a pkg. of 3 silver sided faux minnows with hooks.
Outside, to the right of the fishing case: Two ‘paint stirring sticks’ each wound with 125 feet of 20 pound test mono filament fishing line, a hook and sinker.

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