Emergency Day Pack

(Survival Manual/7. Warehouse/Emergency Day Pack)

Mountainsmith Lumbar Pack, Day Model with Shoulder Harness

[Internet images above: Mountainsmith Lumbar Pack, Day model, black  with optional Shoulder harness (strapettes).
Both were bought through Amazon.com: Day pack $59.95 available in various colors; Mountainsmith strapettes, $18.88.]

Table: My emergency, ‘day pack’ contents

Personal Kit
(gathered in a zippered, multi compartment pouch)
Emergency Kit
(combined in a 1 quart zip lock plastic bag)
$200 cash + 8 ea $0.25 (quarters) 9 LED flashlight
mosquito repellant, Coleman, 0.5 oz. tube • 1 butane lighter
• 7 Vaseline soaked cotton balls (fire starting)
spiral notepad, 3”x5” 25 wooden matches in waterproof container
• mechanical pencil
• ball point pen
• Sharpie black marker
Lensmatic compass
Casio calculator, solar whistle
Kleenex, small  package thermometer
Toilet paper, enough for one use. P38 can opener
First aid kit (in small plastic box) 20 ft. light rope
4 pkd. individual Handi-wipes 80 ft. cord
3 bandages 4 ea 12 in. tie wraps
2 ea 2”x3” non adhesive bandages 1 large plastic trash bag
18” x 1/2 wide medical tape, waterproof. 6 Chlorfloc water purification tablets (purify 6 quarts of water)
1 tea bag, Trim Maxx herbal 2 coffee filter papers (water pretreatment, see below)
2 Tums anti acid (calcium) 2 snelled fish hooks,sinkers.
1 Prilosec anti acid (12 hr. proton block)
2 Tylenol
(stored the packs in main, front & side pouches)
Clothing Kit
(combined in a 1 quart zip lock plastic bag)
State road map, large folding. Cotton gloves, 1 pr brown
Swedish Military Mora knife, 8-1/2” overall & hard case sheath, OD/black Bandana, 27 in by 27 in, white with black pattern.
All Hazards Radio, Oregon Scientific portable,  #WR102. Mosquito head net.
Digital camera, case and 2 spare batteries.
Water bottle & insulating sheath (for Aquafina bottle).
Emergency space blanket/poncho/shelter  with hood and interior pockets, 60”x84’,  corner   grommets; taken from B.O.B. Food Kit
(stored in a tight, 5 cup Rubbermaid storage box)
Binoculars, 10×25 power, Nikon TravelLite V, case • Plastic spoon,
• 1 napkin
1 Mace pepper spray gun. 1 packet Folgers Coffee (makes one cup)
McNett Aquamira Frontier Pro Ultralight Water Filter, filters up to 50 gallons unsafe water (works with coffee filter paper and water purification tablets (listed above) to provide sterile, non turbid drinking water. • 2 Granola bars (17g carbohydrate & 95 cal. ea.)
• 2 pkg Lance sandwich crackers with peanut butter-cheese filling (25 carb & 200 cal/pkg)
• 6 small, hard candies
• 1 can sardines
Stainless Steel Sierra Cup Camping Cup, 12 oz. (emergency cooking, boil   water, etc). 1-Snickers candy bar (35g carbohydrates, 280 calories 4g protein, 140 mg Sodium)
• Garmin GPS and charging block.
• Leatherman, Surge multi-tool.
• 60″ umbrella, tan, for sun or rain shelter.
1 Fiber One Chocolate Fudge Brownie
1 spare house key

Below: My day pack with its contents
(less camera).  d:^)

My ‘Day pack’ is not meant to be used as a replacement for a pack frame or to carry camping equipment, it is a collection of goods taken along in the car on day trips and is primarily geared toward a short-term emergency situation. The Day pack also carries several items that always go with me on an outting, ie.; digital camera, binoculars, Garmin GPS, Emergency Weather radio and some extra cash, the rest of the items are geared toward an emergency.

If you read my post: (Survival Manual/7. Warehouse/Car Carry Kit, generic) you’ll find that I always carry a 12 pack (or more) of bottled water and an Inverter, coveralls and other equipment in a ‘Car Carry Kit, permanently stored in the auto’s trunk.
The small electric power block seen in the picture above, next to the GPS, would be used with the automobiles 12v battery and Inverter to recharge the GPS – should I need to have a fully charged GPS battery before following its maps while walking out of an area in an emergency. When I’m traveling, the day pack is typically left on the back seat, out-of-the-way.
To provide an idea of the Mountainsmith Lumbar Day Pack size, the photos below show some folks wearing them.

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