How Will You Survive the End of the World?

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A.  End of the World Survival Guide
15 February 2012,

[On the surface, the “Survival Guide” seen immediately below looks like a comic book, with large, gaily colored images, something aimed at an older teenager. I recommend you read the text associated with these pictures slowly, think about each text byline and how it fits into your personal/family preparedness, there is a lot of conceptual wisdom here. Mr Larry]

How Will You Survive the End of the World?


B.  How To Survive The End of the World
4 April 2012, Hub Pages, by Cow Flipper

 The Worst Case: [Excerpted from the much larger article. Mr Larry]
So the end is near, humanity is going into the brink so what the heck should we do about it? Well get ready! With all the crazy stuff going on in the world all the time it is probably a good idea to have your ducks in a row when it comes to survival. I’m not saying go out and spend a hundred grand on a bomb shelter in Wyoming but having a plan and a place to go is probably a good idea.

If you live in a city like New York or Los Angeles your best bet is to have a preplanned escape route outside the normal busy corridors that most motorists are going to be using. Find a more rural route out of the city and have a safe zone somewhere in the country. I’d stay clear of touristy mountain retreats and camp grounds. The best thing to do is get yourself a BLM map and find a nice piece of ground some place in good to moderate terrain deep in the woods away from the craziness of the fleeing masses.

You’ll want to make sure that your location has fresh water, that is an essential. Make sure it doesn’t get to cold where you are going or that it gets so hot nothing grows. You want moderate terrain, water, and readily available materials to build a shelter. You will also want to scout this place out before you head off into the woods to seek your refuge. Have a place prepared for your arrival. Have things stored at the site. This will at least give you the knowledge and the peace of mind that if something horrible is going down you will at least have a place and a plan to put into action once it does.

The Plan:
Stay in your home as long as you possibly can. Use the homes resources first, turn on your water in your tub and fill the bathtub, fill all the sinks, remember you have water in your water heater and in the basin of your toilet tank. Have propane or charcoal for your Bar B Q and cook anything that may spoil from your fridge.
•  Stay inside for at least a week and keep a low profile. Remember people will start to get desperate within a few days of the disaster.
•  You should have a place to go or at least an idea of a safe zone away from prying eyes but close enough to readily available resources such as water and defensible terrain good enough to grow on.
•  Have a route you can take either by bicycle or by walking, (you don’t want your safe zone two hundred miles away from your home.)
•  Have something you can use to transport your supplies like a hand wagon with bike tires.
•  Have some supplies buried at your predestined safe zone where only you know where it is. (start now and pick out the spot and visit there, find where you’d want the supplies to be and then get to storing it).

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