The day of EMP draws nearer

(News & Editorial/ The day of EMP draws nearer)

 We can, and will, use EMP bomb, says South Korea
9 Mar 2011,, By staff writers
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NoK &EMP poles

[Electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, bombs are designed to cause damage to electrical systems.]

YOU jam us, we wipe your grid out.
That seems to be the signal coming from South Korea after a GPS jamming attack on Friday that hit north-western parts of the country.
South Korea laid the blame for the attack on North Korea, but Defense Acquisition Program Administration Kwon O-bong claimed its military was immune, because it had “a special code”.
However, he admitted there were “some weapons” that didn’t carry the code and that it was looking to proof such weapons against further attacks.

Wired  reported that the attacks were aimed at disrupting military drills between South Korea and the US.
The attacks were relatively harmless, affecting mainly mobile phones, but Wired claims such jamming attacks had the potential to cut the ability of bombs to guide themselves to targets and cause them to drop out of the sky.

Despite the relatively harmless nature of the attack, South Korea certainly wasn’t taking it lightly.
In response, its Agency for Defense Development strongly hinted it can – and will – return fire with an electromagnetic pulse weapon if required, according to The Chosunilbo.

When asked by Grand National Party lawmaker Kim Hak-song to “brief the Defense Committee on the progress of EMP development”, an ADD spokesman replied: “We feel we can make use of it in wartime if the military makes such request.”

News of EMP attacks has increased of late, on the heels of a documentary called Iranium, which discusses the possibility and fallout of Iran detonating a nuclear device 400km above the USA.

Last month, Russia all but accused the US of crippling one of its satellite launches with an EMP weapon.
For its part, South Korea admitted back in 2009 that it had begun work on an EMP weapon, but said it wouldn’t be ready until 2014.
“We’ve already developed the technology to create EMPs capable of neutralising targets within a 100m radius,” an ADD official told The Korea Times at the time.
“The development of an EMP bomb with a range of 1km will be finished by that time.”


North Korea builds EMP munition
20  July 2012,, by Mike Hoffman
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NoK &EMP missile

North Korea is developing an electromagnetic pulse munition to jam South Korean and U.S. military electronics, according to a Communist Party-controlled journal citing GPS disruptions observed by South Korean aircraft flying near the demilitarized zone separating South and North Korea.

An EMP munition can jam electronic-based weapon systems ranging from fighter jets to hand held GPS units carried by soldiers. An EMP blast occurs when a nuclear weapon is detonated and spews electromagnetic radiation frying electronic systems in the area.

Military Analyst Li Daguang wrote the article for the monthly Bauhinia journal saying the North Korean are specifically targeting the South Korean’s military equipment.

“North Korea has always planned to develop small-scale nuclear warheads. On this foundation, they could develop electromagnetic pulse bombs in order to paralyze the weapons systems of the South Korean military — most of which involve electronic equipment — when necessary,” Daguang wrote.

Militaries can create an EMP blast by detonating a nuclear warhead in the Earth’s atmosphere. However, this is not the only method to cause an electronic blackout. North Korea has completed two nuclear tests. The Communist government has failed to produce a ballistic missile capable of delivering a nuclear warhead with any sort of accuracy.

Daguang suggests the North Koreans could use the EMP blast to knock out power in South Korea ahead of an invasion of North Korea’s special forces.
“Once North Korea achieves the actual war deployment of EMP weapons, the power of its special forces would doubtlessly be redoubled,” Daguang writes.


Speculation Abounds: Did North Korea Launch a New EMP Capable Star Wars Weapon System?
13 Dec 2012,, MacSlavo
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In May of 2009 North Korea’s controversial nuclear weapons tests were dismissed by global intelligence agencies as failures due to their low explosive yield. But EMPact America President Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, a former CIA nuclear weapons analyst, had his own assessment. It appears, according to Pry, that while the yield from the nuclear tests was weak with respect to destructive power in terms of the nuclear blast itself, the tests indicated the weapon was “capable of emitting enough gamma rays to disable the electric power grid across most of the lower 48 states.”

[Note the dates on these articles. North Korea’s development of EMP weaponry and a delivery system is moving steadily ahead, while we’re sitting idly by, like a deer frozen in the headlights of an approaching car. Is anyone in authority going to discuss the issue publically so the population of the US, as individuals and families, can make an informed decision about increasing their personal protection? Mr. Larry]

It’s been referred to as a “Super-EMP,” or electro-magnetic pulse weapon, something that foreign powers and rogue states have been working on developing for years as a low-cost, low-inventory counter strategy to America’s massive nuclear weapons stockpiles.

Some analysts now believe that North Korea may have not only built such a weapon, but this week they may have very well tested a delivery device that would make it possible for them to launch a pre-emptive strike against the United States. Such an attack could destroy electronic components in everything from cell phones and cars to water utility plants and gas stations from coast-to-coast within seconds, throwing the country’s infrastructure back to the 1800′s.

Analysts in the West aren’t really sure what exactly North Korea has launched into space. There are mixed reports, with some suggesting the satellite hovering 300 miles above earth is working properly, while in the US it was widely believed that the satellite was hurtling out of control.

No sooner had major American television networks spread the word from their official sources that the satellite was “out of control” than South Korea’s defense ministry came out with just the opposite view.
Ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok, briefing South Korean reporters, told them that, “for the time being,” the satellite is “working normally.”

What we do know, is that we don’t know anything about what exactly it is that’s hovering up there, leaving some to speculate it could be a first generation test of a Super-EMP weapon that could be launched at the U.S. directly from space:

North Korea is not assessed to be able to miniaturize a nuclear weapon to fit on a long-range rocket – at least not yet – even though it has an active nuclear weapons development program. [Makes you wonder if the same people assessing North Korea’s EMP delivery capabilities are the also the ones who assessed the threat level at our embassy in Benghazi and rushed to the aid of the Americans defending the compound. Mr. Larry]

The concern over North Korea’s potential to develop the capability to launch an EMP attack is due to the country’s instability and isolation and the defiance it has shown – even to close friends China and Russia. Beijing and Moscow have been unable to influence the behavior of North Korea’s leaders.

While the North Koreans said that the launch was to put a satellite into orbit, Western experts agree that the same technological know-how provides the capability to send a warhead as far as the United States.

With the knowledge of orbiting capability, experts say, such a power projection could give North Korea the ability to reach even beyond California. An orbiting warhead could be placed anywhere and released on command to de-orbit and hit any location within the U.S.

Or, North Korea could explode an orbiting warhead in the atmosphere some 150 miles above a target, creating an electromagnetic pulse that could knock out the highly vulnerable grid system of the U.S.

Experts agree that such an EMP exploding high above Kansas, for example, would knock out a majority of America’s national grid system.

This scenario, which isn’t too far-fetched given the latest technical demonstration, recently was depicted in the popular movie “Red Dawn,” in which the North Koreans use an EMP to knock out the U.S. electrical grid system in the Northwest.
Via: WND

While it is unlikely that the North Koreans would deploy such a weapon over the United States, because doing so would mean an almost immediate nuclear retaliation from EMP-hardened assets within the US military and the subsequent destruction of pretty much their entire country, anything is possible.

The North Koreans have just tested a combination of a three-stage ballistic missile capable of hitting the western United States, while also likely experimenting with Star Wars weapons systems that are able to strike from space within minutes once a launch is ordered.

It would only take one unstable dictator to change the course of the planet forever, and given how little we know about Kim Jong Un (we’re not even sure how old he is), there is always a possibility of such an outlier becoming reality.

It has been suggested that a major war in some form or fashion, be it limited in scope or all out thermo-nuclear warfare, could be a real possibility in the next decade.  [Above it was mentioned, “it is unlikely….because”. Don’t worry, be happy! Mr Larry] Given the destabilization of the middle east, the fight over global resources, the inherent disagreements that exist between east and west, and a globalist agenda that is bent on centralizing power into a single world government, could it be a plausible scenario that China and Russia nudge North Korea’s young leader into starting the next World War by deploying an EMP or nuclear weapon from space?

Of course, Kim Jong Un was just elected by millions of Time magazine readers as 2012′s Person of the Year, and such a man would never consider starting a global war.

Then again, this guy was bestowed a similar honor in 1938…

NoK&EMP compare

Time has a way of picking the winners. [Mr. Larry]

NoK&EMP Time

[Until the world is a little more stable and peaceful, you might want to visit your local sporting goods store, maybe buy a few supplies from Amazon, The Ready Store, etc., and put a few things away, just in case. Consider your expense against a general infrastructure disruption the same as your expense for insurance for protection against auto damage, unforseen medical, fire, flood, wind damage, or theft; you are simply adding another layer of protection. The day you need to access this insurance, you’ll wish you had more. Mr. Larry]

NoK&EMP be prepped

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