Home invasion, Part 2 of 2

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A.  Home Invasion  Protection Kit: Choose from amongst the following. Feel free to alternate these products with whatever caliber & magazine size you prefer.  In the end, when you are armed and they come in the door– it’s your attitude — about being robbed, raped or taken advantage of by a vicious criminal that makes the difference. Mr. Larry

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B.  3 Ways A Burglar Breaks In, 80 Percent Of The Time
August 19, 2012, Modern Survival Blog, Submitted by: Ken

home protect entryThe number one place where burglars break into homes is straight through the front door. The second most likely point of entry for the burglar is through a first floor window. Third, is through the back door.

These top three break-in points cover about 80 percent of all home burglary break-ins.

Although statistically much less likely, a burglar will also gain entry to your home through the garage, the basement, or a second floor window.

Logically, you will want to focus on the more likely scenarios and fortify against those first.

Your front door. A surprising number of homes do not have a ‘deadbolt’ lock in addition to the door-knob lock itself. Don’t make it easy for the burglar. Get a deadbolt installed. Locks can be picked, so look for ‘bump proof’ locks.

Consider an add-on like the Lock Jaw Door Security Device , which will prevent a lock picker from opening the deadbolt. Consider replacing the existing lock or deadbolt screws that go into your door frame with longer screws. Another extremely effective but simple solution for the front door is a Security Bar that you simply tuck under the door knob (which can only be inserted when you are home – good for at night).

Particularly in the summer months, people leave some of their windows open. When you are at home, this is generally not an issue as the typical burglar will pass you by if you are at home. However it is a very common mistake to leave your windows open if you are running out for an errand. Most people don’t think about it… but ‘if’ there is a burglar casing your neighborhood, they will learn your patterns when you come and go. If you must, only leave windows open on the second floor. Shut and lock your first floor windows when you leave, or go to bed at night.

Often times the back door of a home is not as secure as the front door. Do not overlook the back door. Secure it the same way as you would the front. And again, if you are running out on an errand, be sure to lock that back door when you leave.

These are common sense approaches to deterring a common burglar from your home, but the fact that 80 percent of burglaries gain entry this way, it seems to me that many people are overlooking the obvious. Burglars are thieves of opportunity. Don’t give them any.


[Below: A few Internet images of violent criminals who were involved with home invasion. Some were convicted and others were killed during the commission of their crimes. Mr Larry.]

home protect perps


.C.  William Shatner, “Gun control works”. (You’ll like this): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFaLokC9hqk


If you have to choose between a shot gun or AR15 for your wife, get the AR, the video shows why.

.[Prepare yourself and your family in a preplanned, practical way, making sure that the outcome of a home invasion ends with the “bad guys” being carried out on a stretcher, not you or your loved ones. Mr. Larry]

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