Disturbance along multiple fault lines

(News & Editorial/ Disturbance along multiple fault lines)

The following articles should give reason to remove extra funds from your bank account and store the cash in a different location until the economy improves. Over recent years, global markets have not rebounded in real inflation adjusted terms, instead, they are teetering, a financial chasm is widening, internal pressures are building, the fault may soon slip.  Since you are not earning interest on bank deposits, why leave the currency in an account that officialdom may rob with impunity?
While a massive slippage could arise from strictly economic forces, it may also arise from geophysical event. Insurance goes beyond retail homeowners, renters, auto and medical insurance. With the vastly increased number of civilian and military families forced onto food stamps, with increased drought and increasing food prices, you may want to consider providing a few non scheduled purchases for your larder, and by all means hold more cash in a secret place, and a whole lot less in the bank.

Fault line disturbance-1

A.  How Many Will Die in the New Madrid Earthquake?
28 January 2014, SHFTPlan.com, by Holly Deyo
Pasted from: http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/how-many-will-die-in-the-new-madrid-earthquake_01282014

fault areas

Editor’s Note: As you read the following detailed report from Holly Deyo of the Millennium Ark and DareToPrepare.com keep in mind that nearly twenty years ago the government and their scientific propaganda mechanism made it a point to tell Americans that the New Madrid Seismic zone was safe – that there was no threat to the population whatsoever. Now, a couple of decades on, new research proves that they clearly fabricated their results and analysis, putting millions of unassuming Americans at risk. Today, the governments of Japan and the United States are saying the same thing about the Fukushima nuclear disaster, which begs the question: How much do you trust your government? Given the details shared by Holly below, the answer should be crystal clear.
Almost two decades ago, I wrote in Dare To Prepare about dire consequences from mega-quakes in the New Madrid Seismic Zone. After Dare To Prepare’s 1st Ed. was published, scientists retracted their worries and pronounced the New Madrid area ‘dead’. It was safe. What a different tune they’re singing now.

“Previous studies have suggested that it may be shutting down, based on GPS readings that showed little strain accumulation at the surface. Other research came to the same conclusion by blaming ongoing quake activity on aftershocks from the 1800s, which would essentially relieve strain on the fault.

“The latest study suggests otherwise. Hough and USGS geophysicist Morgan Page in Pasadena, Calif., analyzed past quakes in the New Madrid region and used computer modeling to determine that the continuing tremors are not related to the big quakes two centuries ago.

‘Our new results tell us that something is going on there, and therefore a repeat of the 1811-1812 sequence is possible, Hough said.’ “ 1

fault central US

Now, 16 years later they admit – in a 180º retraction – this whole area of the Midwest is not only active, but quakes here can have potentially catastrophic results.

Image above right: The New Madrid Seismic Zone encompasses the thicker red ring on the right. However, looking at the pattern of quakes over the past 6 months, a megaquake could also take in portions of Oklahoma and maybe Texas.

Anyone who follows government presses, which pass as news, knows we are at risk because of their tight lips, subterfuge, nuance and frankly stated, back-side kissing. Their urging is to conceal truth lest everyone panic. No one wants to be held accountable for killing economies (it’s better to kill people), let alone spark riots. The latest edition of Prudent Places USA shows the New Madrid quake area is a bomb waiting for its fuse to be lit.

fault marker

ImageNo one should live with 200 miles either side of this fault zone including all up and down the Mississippi River from Illinois to Mississippi and from Arkansas and Missouri to Ohio and Tennessee, and regions in between (see map below).

Though these previous 5 mega-quakes damaged property and land primarily from Arkansas north into Illinois, America has built up massively and continuously over the intervening 200 years. It puts many more Americans at risk than in the early 1800′s. In the mega-quake’s aftermath, people in outlying areas will be run over by those seeking shelter and medical aid in addition to food, water and all other life-saving necessities. Sum it up in one word: pandemonium.

Denial is a comfortable pipe to smoke. We think it will never happen to us: whether it’s hurricanes, cancer, riots, tornadoes, market crashes or bone-crushing, unsurvivable weather. It’s human nature to be complacent. Yet some people have listened and moved to safer places.

Let the author state at this point, there is no safe place without Christ, yet there are more intelligent, less life-threatening places to live. God doesn’t expect us to stay stupid… especially if we have knowledge and do nothing.

ALL of our Countrymen in this beautiful Nation are being sacrificed for everything P.C. Where else are more people trying to tune in, yearning to learn, yet stymied by MSM (mum-stream media)?

fqault New Madrid

It’s easy to forget imperative, yet quietly-stated news bulletins. It’s not your fault. Not really. There is a conscious effort of drip-drip-drip media to say it, yet not say it. News in dribs and drabs has little punch. It sticks nowhere between the ears. But once you have the seeds of knowledge, it is yours to pursue. It is incumbent on you to act, to protect you and your family. No one in mainstream wants to be accused of blowing Draino at us and scald our fear sensors unnecessarily. Media must, and does, openly support Obama and prints little information of value in order to maintain White House access.

It’s not just Obama, but it’s worse with O. This includes both Bushes, Billy Boy Clinton, and certainly the silly peanut farmer, clear back to at least Warren Harding. That was nearly 100 years ago. Whatever happened to Obama’s statement that he will have the most transparent government ever? What rubbish! Obama is interested in one thing – his legacy, which was to be ObamaCare, but even the dullest cretin can see this is a screw-up of magnificent proportions. It’s all status, recognition – and of course, a paycheck. News agencies want to be ALL THAT without exposure, without consequence, while puckering their toady lips on Obama’s backside. So they feed us pro-Obama garbage and pabulum ‘news’.

Scripture warns, you can’t have 2 feet planted in different fields. You’re either for Christ or against him. You either serve mammon (money) or God. You either serve liars, or have courage so speak truth. There is no half-pregnant scenario here. So consider where media lies.

Now flashback to vital news items from the last several years to see a disturbing picture.
Remember the extraordinary number of dead body or cremation containers stored in Atlanta? Trainloads of these were filmed. After exposure by alternative media, where did they go? In the picture below, I counted at least 6,800 containers – 5 rows, 17 high and at least 80 in each row. (I went blind at this point… <sigh>, maybe there were more. This was just one location.

fault govt plastic boxes(Image credit Before It’s News and Sherry Questioning All)

Now factor in an astonishing 140 million food packets and body bags purchased by FEMA in early 2011.
Homeland Security Act of 2002 Bill HR6566 requiring FEMA to prepare for mass death is documented.

Bullets bought by government agencies number in the hundreds of millions – no, in the Billions. FEMA, Social Security, ICE,TSA, USDA, NOAA, (what does food and weather have to do with this?), Dept. of Homeland Security – all jumped into the purchasing frenzy. This is nonsense.

Last year FEMA requisitioned millions of meals for areas bordering the New Madrid, where people will likely flee when there is no food, no water, no services and no help.

There is an agenda here that doesn’t bode well for Americans. The picture is unmistakable. We are being quietly led to slaughter and unless we wake from our collective deep sleep and refuse to be willing participants in our destruction.

.Fault line disturbance-2

 B.  Why Are Banking Executives In London Killing Themselves?
29 January 2014, TheEconomicCollapse, by Michael Snyder
Pasted from: http://www.thedailysheeple.com/why-are-banking-executives-in-london-killing-themselves_012014

fault banking

Bankers committing suicide by jumping from the rooftops of their own banks is something that we think of when we think of the Great Depression.  Well, it just happened in London, England.

A vice president at JPMorgan’s European headquarters in London plunged to his death after jumping from the top of the 33rd floor.  He fell more than 500 feet, and it is being reported by an eyewitness that “there was quite a lot of blood“.  This comes on the heels of news that a former Deutsche Bank executive was found hanged in his home in London on Sunday.  So why is this happening?  Yes, the markets have gone down a little bit recently but they certainly have not crashed yet.  Could there be more to these deaths than meets the eye?  You never know.  And as I will discuss below, there have been a lot of other really strange things happening around the world lately as well.

But before we get to any of that, let’s take a closer look at some of these banker deaths.  The JPMorgan executive that jumped to his death on Tuesday was named Gabriel Magee.  He was 39 years old and his suicide has the city of London in shock…

The American senior manager, 39, fell from the 33-story skyscraper and was found on the ninth floor roof, which surrounds the Canary Wharf skyscraper.
He was a vice president in the corporate and investment bank technology department having joined in 2004, moving to Britain from the United States in 2007.
What would cause a man in his prime working years who is making huge amounts of money to do something like that?

The death on Sunday of former Deutsche Bank executive Bill Broeksmit is also a mystery.  According to the Daily Mail, police consider his death to be “non-suspicious”, which means that they believe that it was a suicide and not a murder…

A former Deutsche Bank executive has been found dead at a house in London, it emerged today.

The body of William ‘Bill’ Broeksmit, 58, was discovered at his home in South Kensington on Sunday shortly after midday by police, who had been called to reports of a man found hanging at a house.
Mr Broeksmit – who retired last February – was a former senior manager with close ties to co-chief executive Anshu Jain. Metropolitan Police officers said his death was declared as non-suspicious.

On top of that, Business Insider is reporting that a communications director at another bank in London was found dead last week…
Last week, a U.K.-based communications director at Swiss Re AG died last week. The cause of death has not been made public.
Perhaps it is just a coincidence that these deaths have all come so close to one another.  After all, people die all the time.
And London is rather dreary this time of the year.  It is easy for people to get depressed if they are not accustomed to endless gloomy weather.

If the stock market was already crashing, it would be easy to blame the suicides on that.  The world certainly remembers what happened during the crash of 1929…

Historically, bankers have been stereotyped as the most likely to commit suicide. This has a lot to do with the famous 1929 stock market crash, which resulted in 1,616 banks failing and more than 20,000 businesses going bankrupt. The number of bankers committing suicide directly after the crash is thought to have been only around 20, with another 100 people connected to the financial industry dying at their own hand within the year.

But the market isn’t crashing just yet.  We definitely appear to be at a “turning point“, but things are still at least somewhat stable.
So why are bankers killing themselves?
That is a good question.
As I mentioned above, there have also been quite a few other strange things that have happened lately that seem to be “out of place”.
For example, Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report posted the following cryptic message on Twitter the other day…

“Have an exit plan…”

What in the world does he mean by that?

Maybe that is just a case of Drudge being Drudge.
Then again, maybe not.
And on Tuesday we learned that a prominent Russian Bank has banned all cash withdrawals until next week…
Bloomberg reports that ’My Bank’ – one of Russia’s top 200 lenders by assets – has introduced a complete ban on cash withdrawals until next week. While the Ruble has been losing ground rapidly recently, we suspect few have been expecting bank runs in Russia.

Yes, we have heard some reports of people having difficulty getting money out of their banks around the world lately, but this news out of Russia really surprised me.
Yet another story that seemed rather odd was a report in the Wall Street Journal earlier this week that stated that Germany’s central bank is advocating “a one-time wealth tax” for European nations that need a bailout

Germany’s central bank Monday proposed a one-time wealth tax as an option for euro-zone countries facing bankruptcy, reviving an idea that has circled for years in Europe, but has so far gained little traction.

Why would they be suggesting such a thing if “economic recovery” was just around the corner?
According to that same article, the IMF has recommended a similar thing…
The International Monetary Fund in October also floated the idea of a one-time “capital levy,” amid a sharp deterioration of public finances in many countries. A 10% tax would bring the debt levels of a sample of 15 euro-zone member countries back to pre-crisis levels of 2007, the IMF said.

So what does all of this mean?
I am not exactly sure, but I have got a bad feeling about this – especially considering the financial chaos that we are witnessing in emerging markets all over the globe right now.


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