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This blog takes a four dimensional look: 1) from the present, 2) life during the latter half of the 20th Century and coming into the 2nd Millennium,  and 3)  how to survive a kaleidoscope of social-economic-disaster challenges at the household level, and 4) looks  to some far and away, yet ever so near, concepts in exobiology.

Current: Age 73 years.

Early adulthood: Military Service: 3 year enlistment in 501st Inf.,  101st Airborne Division (21 jumps), Weapons Squad Leader, rank E-5; attended several specialty military schools: NCO-CBR  Training, Jump Masters School and Vector Control School. Education: Pasadena City College, California State College at Los Angeles, later, continuing adult education classes at  VoTech Institute, St. Cloud, MN. Managed a nine unit apartment building and worked part-time in the college chemistry department ‘Solutions Room’ while attending early years in college.

Owned and lived on a thirty-nine acre partially wooded hobby farm/homestead in rural Foley, Minnesota for thirty years, now retired to the warmer climate of east Texas.
Primary work experiences: Chemical lab technician, chief lab tech, finally plant chemist, concurrently Class D Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator/Supervisor (500,000 gpd effluent). Later, Class 2B Boiler Engineer (30 BHP, 100 psi) and Supervisor Plant Household maintenance & production computer station maintenance. Other long-term auxiliary jobs have included: resource stock inventory & production parts ordering, safety committee,  maintained plant wide OSHA-MSDS sheets; forklift and high lift training instructor.

My 21st Century interests and activities: Reading and writing, stock and commodity markets, daily (7/365) Tai Chi/Yoga/ walking exercises; developing a multimedia autobiography; compiling literature regarding the changing economic/political conditions with  appropriate family level survival  techniques and procedures.
Invented a method of extracting “black grease” from one employers wastewater and turning it into a saleable  byproduct (several railroad tanker loads/ year), have multiple in-house inventions with another employer which increased production efficiency in the implemented areas.

My 20th Century interests and activities: Genealogy: S.A.R., Soc. of Mayflower Descendants (several lines documented and verified), Descendants of Washington’s Army at Valley Forge; exobiology, antiques and collectables, tent camping, wilderness backpacking (excursions to So. Peak Superstition Mountains, Anza -Borrego Wilderness Area, Trinity Alps Primitive Area); motorcycle riding (350 cc Yamaha);  invented and copyrighted several parlor board games; several decades of small-scale, hobby farming technologies; 1st computer, a 1977 Processor Technology-Sol, learned NorthStar B.A.S.I.C. programming language;  maintained hardbound journals (4,813 pages) for 13 years while on the Minnesota hobby farm, Nightstar*; have personally built several buildings: a room addition, compost bins, out-house, solar cold frame, shed/barn; chain sawed trees and cleared woods for a 600 foot driveway, put in 1000 feet home site perimeter fencing and a decorative 200 foot two-tier split rail cross fence; became fairly accomplished at drawing with colored ink and colored pencils.

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  1. Hi Larry; I saw your pingback re: my article (“War on Civilians”) at PragPro and followed it over here. This is a wonderful high-quality site & I’m pleased to be quoted here. Pls join me at my own blog, the Windy City Author (http://www.windycityauthor.blogspot.com). Let’s stay in touch. ~m.

    • Thanks Maureen,
      I’ve just registered at your website, verrrry nice appearance!
      After growing up in Berwyn, IL, then in Tucson and Tempe, AZ, and Pasadena, CA, I moved to St Cloud, MN, bought 39 acres and lived there for 30 years. Yup, ducks, geese, dogs, sheep, kids and divorce. Have had deer, black bear and many other smaller things passing through the yard and in the pond, things that lived in the forest, things that passed through in migration. I love nature too. I’ll be along to visit your site properly on an early morning in the near future, with coffee and muffin in tow. Mr Larry, 4dtraveler.net

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