.I have eaten your bread and salt,

I have drunk your water and wine.
The deaths Ye have died I have watched beside,
And the lives Ye led were mine.
……………………………..………Rudyard Kipling

They will come back, the men who plowed these hillsides,
And look across deep valleys burnt by frost;
To see the granite walls about hid meadows
Fallen – their steadfast work of rearing lost.
Seeking old houses their sad souls remember,
Where love, birth, tireless thrift and death were known;
Finding what drew them from beyond sky barriers,
Bleak cellar holes, red sumac overgrown.
We may not see them as they walk beside us,
Along blurred logging tracks that still remain;
But we shall hear them in the muted questing 
Whisper of leaves and sigh of autumns rain.
……………………………………………………. M.E. Baker, 1941


Old World
♥ The Ancient Family
♥ Irish & Scottish
♥ The Saxons
♥ The Normans
♥ From Royal Grace to frontier colonist

1620 Mayflower  lineage
Lineage from the 1620 Mayflower to present:
♥ S*]  John Howland__ m.  *Elizabeth Tilley__
♥ D]  Hope Howland__m. John Chipman, (elder)__  (see Chipman branch)
♥ S]  John Chipman Jr. (Hon.)__m. Mary Skiff__   (see Skiff branch)
♥ S]  Perces (Perez) Chipman__ m. Margaret Wheeler__
♥ S]  *¹Perez Chipman, Jr.__ m. Margaret Manlove__
♥ D]  Harriet Hannah Chipman__ m. William Horney__
♥ S]  Jeffrey Horney__m. Catherine Janes__  (see Horney & Janes branches)
♥ D]  Margaret Horney__§m. Harmon Anderson__  (see Anderson branch)
♥ D]  Anna Flora Anderson__ m. George E. Grubb__  (see Grubb branch)
♥ D]  Elsie Grubb__ m. Glen Kenyon. Pierce__   (see Pierce branch)
S]  Robert Francis Pierce, Rev.__m. Hazel May Shafer__   (see Shafer branch)
S]  Larry Francis Pierce__m. Donna Rae S.__
D]  Jane Elizabeth Pierce__m. Peter S. H.__  (see Pierce branch)
* 1620 Mayflower ancestor.
*¹ Nicholite rel.

Read these tables as follows, example from directly above:
 S]  John Howland married Elizabeth Tilley (* = see notes)
Their daughter,  D] Hope Howland married John Chipman, (the elder).
Their son, S] John Chipman (Hon., judge) married Mary Skiff…

D] or S] stand for ‘their Daughter’ or ‘their Son’
♥   = This line has been posted.
 ‡   = symbol indicates that a documented Life Story has been written about a person in this union.
§   = symbol indicates these partners were cousins.

Settlers and Migrants
Anderson branch
S]  Benjamin Anderson__m. Rozanna Little__
♥ S*¹]  John Anderson__m. Elizabeth Horney__
♥ S*²] James Anderson__m. Priscilla Coffin__
♥ S*³]  Harmon Anderson__§m. Margaret Horney__
♥ D] Anna F. Anderson__m. George E. Grubb__
*¹ Revolutionary War, Captain infantry
*² War of 1812, Private
*³ Private, 110 OH Vol, Civil War

Chipman branch
S]  Thomas Chipman__m. Mrs. Chipman__
♥ S]  John Chipman, (elder)__m. Hope Howland
♥ S] John Chipman, Jr (Hon.)__m. Mary Skiff__
♥ S]  Perces (Perez) Chipman__ m. Margaret Wheeler__
♥ S]  *¹ Perez Chipman, Jr.__ m. Margaret Manlove__
♥ D]  Harriet Hannah Chipman__ m. William Horney
*¹ Nicholite rel. Cited as Patriot for services in Revolutionay War

Curtis branch
S]  Leonard Curtis__m. Zylpha ?__
D]  Statira W. Curtis__m. Jonathon Kane Pierce__(see Pierce branch)

Grubb branch
S]  Enoch Grubb__m. Lucy Dunnaway__
S] Ebenezer Grubb__m. Catherine ?__
♥ S] * Edward Grubb__m. Mary Ann Hess__
♥ S]  George E. Grubb__m. Anna F. Anderson__
♥ D]  Elsie Grubb__m. Glen K. Pierce__
* Private, 170th OH Inf., Civil War

Harwood branch
S]  E.G. Harwood__m. Elizabeth Garey__
D]  Elizabeth Harwood__m. George E. Grubb__

Horney branch
♥ S] Geoffrey Horney Sr.__m ?
♥ S] Geoffrey Horney Jr.__m. Elizabeth Harwood__
♥ S] Jeffrey Horney III__m. Deborah Baynard__
♥ S] * William Horney__m. Harriet Hannah Chipman__
♥ S] Jeffrey Horney IV__m. Catherine “Katie” Janes__
* 1778-1781 Private, 5th MD Reg., Revolutionary War; Nicholite rel.

Janes branch
♥ S]  William Janes__m. Mary Judd__
♥ S]  William Janes Jr.__m. Sarah Clark__
♥ S]  Michael Janes__m. ‘unknown’__
♥ S]  William Janes III__m. Ms. Paine__
♥ S]  William Janes IV__m. Margaret Seybert__(see Seybert branch)
♥ S]  William Janes V__m. Catherine Weybright__
♥ D]  Catherine Janes__m. Jeffrey Horney__

Pierce branch
♥ S]  Jonathon K. Pierce__m.  Statira W. Curtis__
♥ S] Francis Albert Pierce__m. Lydia A. Sabin__
♥ S]  Glen Kenyon Pierce__m. Elsie Grubb__(see Grubb branch)
S*¹]  Robert Francis Pierce, Rev.__m. Hazel May Shafer__(see Shafer branch)
S*²]  Larry Francis Pierce__m. Donna Rae S.__
D]  Jane Elizabeth Pierce__m. Peter S. H.__
*¹ Navy, Seaman 2nd Class, WWII, E2 paygrade
*² Army, 101st Airborne, Sergeant, E5 paygrade

Sabin Branch
S]  Justin Sabin__m. Lydia LaFleur__
♥ D]  Lydia A. Sabin__ m. Francis Albert Pierce__(see Pierce branch)

Seibert branch
♥ S]  Klaus Seibert__ m. Margaret ?__
♥ S]  Klaus Seibert Jr.__m. Else Jung__
♥ S]  Nickel Seibert__m. Mary Mayer__
♥ S]  Hans Seibert__m. Barbara Splenger__
♥ S]  Christopher Stoffel Seibert__m. Johanna ?__
♥ S*]  Jacob Seybert__m. *Mary E. Theis__
♥ D*¹]  Margaret Seybert__m. William Janes IV__(see Janes branch)
*  Adults killed at 1759 Ft. Seybert massacre (see post), Captain, French & Indian Wars
*¹ Taken captive to a Shawnee village beyond the Ohio R. (see post)

Stories: Ÿ
•  The Jacob Seybert family, Part 1: Coming to America
•  The Jacob Seybert family, Part 2: Fort Seybert

Skiffe branch
S]  James Skeffe__m. Mary__
♥ S]  Stephen Skiffe, Captain__m. Lydia Snow__
♥ D] Mary Skiffe__m. John Chipman Jr.__

Tilley branch
S]  *John Tilley__m. *Elizabeth Comyngs__
D]   Elizabeth Tilley__ m. John Howland__
* 1620 Mayflower ancestors.

Warren branch
S]  Christopher Warren__m.?
♥ S]  *Richard Warren__m. Elizabeth Marsh
♥ D]  Abigail Warren__m. Anthony Snow__
♥ D]  Lydia Snow__m. Stephen Skiff, Captain__
* 1620 Mayflower ancestor


 Coastal Families
♥ Peter Coffin__m. Mary Boscawen__
♥ S]  Nicholas Coffin__m. Johan__
♥ S]  Peter Coffin II__m. Joan Thember__
♥ S*]  Tristram Coffin__m. Dionis Stevens__
♥ S]  John Coffin, Lieut.__m. Deborah Austin__
♥ §S]  Samuel Coffin__m. Miriam Gardner__
♥ S*¹]  William Coffin__m. Priscilla Paddock__(see Paddock branch)
♥ S]  Abijah Coffin__m. Elizabeth Robinson__
♥ D]  Priscilla Coffin__m. James Anderson__(see Anderson branch)
* Founding settler of Nantucket Isl.
*¹ 1781 Cited Patriot for services in American Revolution, Nicholite rel.

Austin branch
S]  Richard Austin__m.?__
S]  Joseph Austin__m. Sarah Starbuck__
D]  Deborah Austin__m. John Coffin, Lieut.__

Bunker branch
S]  William Bunker__m. Anne Gosseline__
S]  George Bunker__m. Jane Godfrey__
S]  William Bunker II__m. Mary Macy__
D]  Ann Bunker__m. Nathanial Paddock__

Gardner branch
♥ S]  Thomas Gardner__m. Margaret Freer__
♥ S]  Richard Gardner__m. Sarah Shattuck__
♥ S]  Richard Gardner, Jr__m. Mary Austin__
♥ S]  Miriam Gardner__m. Samuel Coffin__

Paddock branch
♥ Paul Paddock__m. Francouise Traillour__
♥ S]  John Paddock__m. Jane Jennings__
♥ S]  Robert Paddock__m. Mary Holmes__
♥ S]  Zachahiah Paddock__m. *Deborah Sears__
♥ S]  Nathanial Paddock__m. Ann Bunker__
♥ D]  Priscilla Paddock__m. William Coffin__
*Deborah Sears (Paddock branch) descends from the Ancient Families>the Normans>Sayers>Sears.

Sayers branch
♥ S]  *John Bouchier Sayers__m. Marie L. Van Egmond__
♥ S]  Richard Sears__m. Dorothy Thatcher__
♥ D]  Deborah Sears__m. Zachahiah Paddock__
* * See: Old World/From Royal Grace to frontier colonist

Starbuck branch
S]  Edward Starbuck__m. Katherine Reynolds__
D]  Sarah Starbuck__m. Joseph Austin__

Midwestern migration
Easton branch
S]  Daniel Easton__m. L. Vanway__
♥ S]  *Pulaski Easton__m. Sarah Carleton__
♥ D]  Elsie Easton__m. Charles Elmer Shafer__
*  California gold rush ’49er; Private, 28th Reg. MI, Civil War.

Farrington branch
[S]  Charles Farrington__m. Eunice Barker__
D]  Eloise Farrington__m. Fred Dewit Kellogg__

Kellogg branch
S]  George Kellogg__m. Harriet Eastman__
♥ S]  Fred Dewit Kellogg__m. Eloise Farrington__
♥ D]  Alma Delight Kellogg__m. Pearl Elmer Shafer__

Shafer branch
♥ S]  *John Joseph Shafer__m. Lydia A. Dodge__
♥ S]  Martin J. Shafer__m. Arvilla A. Dyer__
♥ S]  *¹/*² Charles E. Shafer__m. Elsie Easton__
♥ S]  *² Pearl Elmer Shafer__m. Alma Delight Kellogg__
D]  Hazel May Shafer__m. Robert Francis Pierce__
* One of 1st white settlers in SW central MI.
*¹ Owned 1st car in township,
*² ND land rush homesteader.

Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting,
The soul that rises with us, our life star,
Hath elsewhere had its setting,
And cometh from afar
 …………………………William Wordsworth

8 responses to “Genealogy

  1. Awesome work. This could serve as a model for others. Are you a professional? I am working on 50 New England Settlers from the Paddock-Shepard-Mansfield lines who were instrumental in settling Waterford and Concord, MA and Hartford and New Haven, CT. (It might grow to 60). Presumably the Paddock line goes to John Alden, but is unconfirmed. The Mansfield side was rumored to go to Thomas Rogers (Mayflower), but I found evidence to the contrary and it has been disproven.

  2. Larry,

    I’m related to you by Jacob Seybert my mother is a Seybert. Our famliy relocated to southern Illinois mostly around Hillsboro Illinois. Where are you currently located? I’m in the Washington DC area my e-mail is

  3. I enjoyed your site. You and I are cousins on several levels. Richard Warren is my 10th g grandfather, thru his daughter Sarah who married John Cooke. Arthur Howland (brother of John) is my 9th g grandfather. Edward Starbuck is my 9th GGF. Peter Coffin & Joanna Kember are my 10th G. My husband descends from the Janes, but I show William Janes (his 8th GGF) b. 1610 m. Mary ? d. 1662; their son Abel b. 1644 m. Mary Judd.

  4. I have filled my whole day on your posts and I’m having a blast! I have traced my Grandmother, Minnie Florence (Hitchcock) Messner back to the Coffin’s and Paddock’s and filled in a lot of blanks thanks to your entries here. So You and I are definitely related, lol. Looking forward to retirement in a couple of years so I won’t feel so guilty of taking up this time consuming task. I have on my Bucket List to visit our ancestors memories on Nantucket Island.

    Becky Messner Foster Durham
    Louisburg, KS

  5. Jim Lee

    Larry, very interesting reading.
    I read your work on the Fort Seybert massacre as I was very curious about it . My
    5th grandfather was killed at Upper Tract, according to information I have recently found out in doing my family research. What is ironic is that I am also a descendant of the Shawnee who attacked both forts and killed the settlers. It was an ugly time for everyone in those days. I am a member of the Shawnee Tribe in Oklahoma and my 5x grandfather was Silverheel, brother of Cornstalk.

    The more I dig into my research the stranger things become.
    I just wanted to let you know I appreciated your article and let you know about my connection to your story.

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