Site Map

Site Map is a guide to finding information in the library.

WordPress provides a lot of ways to search this blog for the information you’re interested in.

At the top of the 4dtraveler Home Page are Tabs,  which open to provide information (see above).
In the right column are Categories, beneath is a Text Word Search box,  followed by 25 Recent Entries, then a list of the Top 12 Posts, followed by the Tag Cloud, (search by term); lastly, there us a list of News Sources, which offer links to automatically updated, off-site news topics that are related to the 4dtraveler blog (see the search engines at right).

How to see what’s available, then find it:

1.  Tabs (seen across the top of the Home Page):
Each Tab opens a page of either background information or a list of subject articles. These lists are an updated index of the topics currently available under the Tab subject. A Tab only shows an index of topic titles – what is available – it does not provide an active links to those articles.


The following Subject matters are listed on the Tabsat the top of the home page:

NATURE’S WAY…………. My general philosophy or life outlook, in oblique.
ABOUT ……………………… Contains a biosynopsis of your author, Mr. Larry.
SRAPO ………………………. A discourse in planetary ecology and intelligent exobiology.
NEWS & EDITORIAL …. Up to date observations about slowly developing social & natural phenomena with potential aftermath effects on the public.
AUTOBIOGRAPHY ……. My life story, illustrated; each chapter covers one year; includes a large appendix containing lists, tables, graphics, and other information related to the autobiography.
SURVIVAL MANUAL …. Concepts, techniques and practical advice for survival in a rapidly changing social or natural environment.
GENEALOGY …………….. The history of my family on the North American continent, with narrowing traces that extend across western Europe and become obscured in deep time.
SITE MAP ………………….. Finding your way around in this website using WordPress search tools.

2.  WordPress Search Engines:
Blog Word Search:
Type a search word in the Search box and WordPress will search the 4dtraveler data base to provide a list of articles using your search word.

Category names are active links to specific topic titles. Scroll down the list and select the category and-or sub category that you’re interested in. The Categories search engine will comb through the 4dtraveler data base and list these articles in the Home Page center column. Scroll down the titles to select and read the entire article.

Tag Cloud:
Similar to Blog Word Search, except that often used subject words are displayed. Also, the tag word font size gives a clue to the relative number of related articles sharing the same subject tag. Tags are live, click one and WordPress will search the 4dtraveler data base and list these articles in the Home Page center column. Scroll down the titles to select and read the entire article.

Flickr Photos: Click on any of the photos and you will link off site and into my Flickr account where there are about 200 additional photographs related to 4dtraveler subject matter.

News Sources: A list of recommended websites, with live links, that take you to: 1) expert discussions of current, but not necessarily main stream media topics of US and  global economic news, 2) some scary social and economic, military and environmental topics, and 3) breaking disaster news from around the world.

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