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Tarp and tent

(Survival manual/4. Shelter issues/Tarp and tent)

Emergency camp shelter options:

Eureka Sunrise 11 tent

The Eureka Sunrise 11 foot x 11 foot tent can sleep 5 – 6 , or more preferably, 2-3 comfortably, with gear.
The Eureka Sunrise has durable polyester taffeta construction and a ‘StormShield’ polyester fly to lock out the rain and morning dew. When the weather heats up, you have Eureka’s top-quality ventilation system to keep fresh, cool air circulating through the tent.
Durable, 2-pole fiberglass frame, clips with pin / rod pocket assembly for quick set up; 1 door with high / low vents on top and bottom to aid air circulation; 2 mesh roof vents; 4 large, zippered windows allow the option of excellent visibility or privacy;
Includes hanging tiered storage shelf and 2 built-in water bottle holders; No-see-um mesh lining over doors keeps bugs out; Durable polyester construction and a weatherproof StormShield; Measures 11 x 11 x 7’ and weighs 23 lbs., 15 oz. Packed size: 8” x 30”.

For a properly set up emergency tent/ tarp camp, you’ll need: 1) sleeping tent(s), 2) a cooking and eating area covered by a tarp or screened enclosure to protect from the elements, 3) supply- equipment tent, and 4) a covered outhouse-bathing privacy enclosure with porta pottie.

The image above left, is a common, modern camp gear, toilet/shower privacy enclosure. In a really bad situation, few things will provide your accustomed comfort as the personal privacy of an emergency bathroom’.  Remember to have a good quality porta-pottie, some bowl deodorant, Clorox, hand sanitizer, hand soap and lots of toilet paper on hand. TP can become a barterable item.

If you want to make your unwelcome experience as stress free and as home like as possible, I recommend having a screened kitchen and Cabela’s Standard Camp Kitchen with two ‘pantries’ , or equivalent.

 Tarp configurations:
The images below give a visual que to what can be done with a single large tarp. Two tarps can be tied together at the grommets to make a wider or longer tent, or flooring on damp soil. Tarps are also available in orange, green, brown and camouflage
Use a large one ie., 12 foot x 16 foot for an emergency shelter. I mosquito country, provide a ‘roomy ‘two person’ mosquito bed net for each person, you’ll be glad for the extra space.




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