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Hello world!

The images below are from Nightstar *,  my previous forest home, of 30 years, located in rural Foley, Minnesota.



L>R: 1) Yard gate sign, 2) Entering the yard from a 600 ft driveway, 3) home, 4) part of garden, 5) ducks, sheep, geese (one of 3 dogs), 6) pastural sunrise on the property.

The Piney Woods
Upon retirement in 2007, I sold the Minnesota acreage and moved 1000 miles due south to the semi arid, Piney Woods ecoregion, east n’ Texas.


L>R: 1) My office desk and where this blog is entered, 2) My room (90 degree panorama ). 3) A nearby wooded area where I walk twice daily (135 degree panorama ).

The images above are a rough summary of where I’ve been and where I am; they are but some of the places we’ll travel to and explore.

Let us slowly engage this time capsule, our next stop…now.

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